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Blog of this weekend: A frog to kiss

Sound like a fairy tale right? Well, it’s written like a great fairy tale talking about the daily ramblings in the life of a geek wannabe chick.

A Frog to Kiss is one of those wise and witty blogs
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  4. And if you love Jerry Springer, you will also love her Jerry Springer ideas 🙂

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  1. I feel like I just won an Oscar! Thank you so much, I shall treasure this forever. Now, if we can find the other fat chick, the skinny redneck dude and a tranny- we can make even MORE money on Jerry Springer.

  2. @Beth

    I am overeating allready 🙂

    Would love to give out real oscars though, dreaming big!

    Anyways, you are most welcome and your toplist should be filled asap with whoever wants more visitors for the best cheapest price ever!

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