8000+ visitors in first 2 months blogging: Empire Dot Com

Our Blog of the Weekend "Empire Dot Com" is a Student from Atomic Blogging, and shows by example that Atomic Blogging is a blueprint to get almost 10.000 visitors in only 2 months of blogging!

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Empire DOT com

Empire DOT com is great example from how your website could look when you work hard and apply all the tips and tricks from Atomic Blogging.

Author Wong Chendong talks about the insider secrets of Making Money Online.

Another one you say? Yes, as the sitemeter.com stats on Empire DOT com shows 8278 visitors since… February 21, 2008!

That’s great for… 2 months of blogging!!!!

But it’s no surprise when you see that Empire DOT com does everything right:


Go and have a look to become part of the Empire Dot Com community and learn how you can get more than 8000 visitors in 2 months!

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