7 easy steps to increase online traffic

Everybody wants more "quality visitors’ on their website, but how do you do it?

Have a look at our 7 easy steps, try them out and give us your feedback!

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The more you advertise, the more people will notice you.

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  1. People will drop by because your ad offers them something they need
  2. People will drop by because they need what you are offering and they remember your ad.

The longer you put your add online, the more effective it gets!

2. Know what men want

Why is this blog "Woman’s Swimwear" quite popular? Because "they know what men want" and…

they even add it in their description:

Come and have a look at our bikinis…
because we know what men want.

Internet Marketing is not rocket science.

Some human desires are rooted so deep that you just have to look at the past, to know what still works in the present:

what do men want

Men love women and red

It shows in depictions of the bible and Sandra Oh (left) and Madonna (right)…
know what men love as well…

This kind of general ideas gives you general traffic: your visitors will drop by for sure!

But… what’s the quality of the visitors who crashed your webserver by looking at all the naked girls in the Cecilia Cheung Scandal and Edison Chen Scandal?

3. Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is not rocket science either: blind men won’t be interested in the general Internet Marketing explained above.

So to reach this audience: you need to be able to answer the question: "What do blind men want?".

And the easiest way to know what a niche market wants :

you ask them!

You feel tricked by my answer?

If you don’t know your niche market up close and personal, then you won’t be able to give them what they need!

It’s really as simple as that.

4. SEO rule number 1

As simple as " know your market" is rule number 1 in Marketing, rule number 1 in Search Engine Optimization is:

write passionately about what you want to rank high for.

I can hear you say : "content is king, seen that, done that…"

You can only rank high in the search engine if you deserve to be there. I mean: if I write 1 post about Sandra Oh, of course I won’t be ranking as high as the real fan sites writing daily about Sandra Oh.

5. SEO rule number 2

A search engine is a piece of software.

To make your SEO more efficient, you feed this software with another software like my favorite SEO-Elite.

Even if your content is king: somebody else with similar content but "doing everything right" for the search engines will rank much higher than you.


Because you are human and the search engine is not.

Therefore you need some help from a computer program to feed the search engines exactly what they want and how they want it.

Why my favorite is SEO-Elite?

Because you get lifelong updates!

Every time something changes on the side of the search engines, SEO-Elite will be updated accordingly and…

you can concentrate on writing on topic content,

SEO-Elite will fine-tune your content towards the search engines.

6. Interact with other websites

In normal life, you only know the people you interact with.

You learn a lot from the people you interact with. So use the same tactic on the Internet.

Join in forums, leave comments on the sides you visit or give away something for free like :

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7. Have fun!

Make sure you are having fun when writing your website.

As much as people can hear when you are lying in bed or walking around when you are on the phone… as much can they feel when a site is fun of just another job…

People love fun!

If you don’t have fun with your website, then just dump it and get a more fun 9 to 5 job!

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