3 secrets chickens can teach you about making money online

Chicken wisdom for those being that Google spanked their Pagerank….

1. Make money online: Trade eggs for food

Why do we keep chickens? Because they keep giving us eggs in exchange for corn.

If you have something that other people want, you are in business!

The disadvantage of this business plan is that the chicken can only lay 1 egg a day. It’s a proven business-plan, yet it makes you as rich… as a chicken. Worse: the day you stop laying eggs, you will end up in the soup.

This business-model is also called "paid to blog": you can only write so much posts and once the Pagerank goes down because of this, your blog ends up in the soup as well…

2. Make money on the Internet: Chickens prefer wheat over corn

When chickens are fed mixed grains, they will leave the corn for last.

Choose what you prefer and leave the rest for others!

The advantage of this business plan is that you love what you are doing and you can’t be bothered by the rest.

Unhappy that your Pagerank is down? Why? Was your business about Pagerank, or was your business about making money online?

Long before there was Google, Yahoo was getting filthy rich making money on the Internet. Now Google is getting filthy rich and tomorrow somebody else will.

Ride the Internet waves the way you love it: surfboard, scuba-gear, in a canoe, fishing on a fisher boat… as long as you love it, there will be new opportunities that you will gear at!

3. Make sure to have more than 1 egg in your basket

When chickens hatch eggs, they have about 13 eggs, and when things go really bad, they will still have 7 chicks coming out of the eggs!

Make sure to have more than 1 make money online business!

The advantage of this business plan is simple: if you loose 1 stream of income, you still have others to depend on!

If you only depend on Pagerank to make money, and now your Pagerank is down, then you need to learn the golden rule of investment: diversify!

Where are these 3 secrets in Linky Love’s business plan?

Linky Love diversified to French Swear Words following the 3 secrets above:

  1. French Swear Words became my most important paid to blog income stream. Now that the Pagerank went down, it’s time I start boiling French chicken soup from this French Swear Words blog 🙂 But since I can’t be bothered with Pagerank, French Swear Words says: "Pagerank, va @#$%& ta mere…".
  2. French Swear Words came to live because my students wanted to learn the French you never learn at school. So that blog started for the fun of it and is still standing. Just that when it became monetized, the fun from swearing was gone, but it was fun to see the money earned!
  3. French Swear Words, Linky Love, Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani Clothes …. and a few niche websites which I cannot name otherwise they wont be niche sites anymore… Not to mention in the real world I still do some teaching jobs 🙂 More than 1 egg in your basket!

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