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How do you say I love you in Japanese

How to tell a Japanese girl that you love her without her running away forever?   Make sure you never use: Aishite iru which translates to I love you but won’t get you far as it is only appropriate in Japanese love poetry or when you are really dating the younger, most modern Japanese generation.. […]

Dirty pick up lines

Enjoy our top 10 dirty pick up lines which could make you laugh and your date run. Dirty chat up lines do work when:   you do love each other and  your partner loves your sense of humor big time.   If you really want to learn how to pick up a girl, then buy […]

Be the guy that gets the girl

If this weekend you want to be the guy that gets the girl, then read on how a girl can help you out.   Learn how every guy will get a girl if you purchase the entire book now and apply it tomorrow evening (it’s always good to sleep things over and let them fully […]

May Pitchanart

Enjoy a Thai wife like May Pitchanart: the hottest Thai girl according to FHM 2008!   Beautiful Thai women     May Pitchanart Sakakorn: the most beautiful of all Thai women according to Thailand’s FHM. Yet you don’t have to read FHM in order to know that most if not all Thai women are beautiful. […]

Korean Supermodels

  What can these 2 most sexy Korean supermodels teach you about Korean dating? Being a successful man means you can date any beautiful Korean girl.   Korean beauty gallery     If you have ever been in Korea or just look at Korean girls, it’s like seeing an ongoing Korean beauty gallery: Korean girls […]

Free filipina picture galleries

Enjoy these 4 free filipina picture galleries or visit our Philipina models page at Online Asian dating. Recognize this filipina celebrity in swimsuit above?   This week 2 gorgeous filipina girls signed up at Online Asian dating with their pictures in bikini, so guys… you know where to go from here 🙂   Filipina sexuality […]

Meet more people online

Many people have lost their faith on love until they found their dating partner on a (free) dating site. Many people do seem to have to wait a long time before true love comes along. To make our life exciting we need to have friends and have fun as we all are human: a social […]

How to date a stripper

Learn how to date a stripper and make every men envy you!

Naruto Gallery

Putting the Fun back into blogging with some Naruto pick up lines from the Naruto Gallery below. Some are quite known (maybe that says a lot about the guys I meet…) but some of these Naruto pickup lines are quite original and funny I must say 🙂 If you have a better pick up line, […]

The Alpha System: Huge Market! Super Dating System! Great Conversion

This is a great course teaching men how to get good with women and become more of a man. Learn how to pick up women with this amazing dating system. Unbelieveable results speak for themselves. Professionally written sales copy. 60% commission. The Alpha System: Huge Market! Super Dating System! Great Conversion

My Youtube Story [Memories]

I could have never gotten so far without you guys, so thank you. I’ve come such a long way and I’m not stopping here. It’s just the beginning.