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Why Women Reject Men

Learn the main 2 reasons why women reject men and what you need to do to how to pick up girls more successfully.   All men have a different approach in how to get a date yet all women have only 3 ways to react on that approach:   the girl likes you and you […]

Totally free online dating site

Connect with hot women and sexy men on the #1 totally free online dating site with picture profiles, chat, virtual kisses, and more…   Other so called free online dating agencies start asking for money once the fun begins: to see the profile pictures or worse, to be able to write an email to the […]

Best Internet Dating Sites

Start dating right away on one of these free best Internet dating sites: when you love exotic Asian girls, visit Asian dating when you love the smiling beauties of Thailand, visit Thai Dating Sites when you don’t know what you love, visit   How to know when you visit the best Internet dating sites […]

Dating German Women

  Guten Tag! If you love blonds with big boobies and long hair, we know exactly what you want: dating German women!   And to get you started with a few German words to impress your German woman, do visit this cute learn German video from a blond German woman: your best way to learn […]

How to date Asian girls in bikinis

In stead of just staring at these hot pictures of Asian girls in bikinis, why don’t you start dating Asian girls? It’s easy peasy if you follow Asian Online Dating’s 7 steps to marry Asian Brides.   Asian girls in bikini     So what do you need to do to be the only one […]

Malaysia 2010 : not even half on track towards vision 2020

Is the modern day Malaysian enjoying his more than 50 years of independence or is there no difference between today’s rule and the colonial rule of 50 years ago? If you are twice my age, you most likely speak better English than me and after school you enjoyed fun and games or worked hard to […]

How straight is Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan?

Today, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan explains in court what straight means when it comes to his self proclaimed sodomy case. Sodomy Saiful, the clown in the latest Anwar Sodomy 2 trial, has a Benny Hill kind of smutty humor: taking of his pants at any time possible. It all starts during his accusation where his […]

How Sinful is Saiful’s Sodomy?

If you have never heard of sodomized Saiful, let’s strip Malaysian politics to its core and give you an update. Nothing much can be said about Malaysian politics, as in the 50 years of the same political party being in power, the country didn’t evolve an inch forward. much different than its neighbor Singapore – […]