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Make your first $100 guaranteed

If you need the extra money like any of our readers does, you surely have tried to make money on the Internet.   But did you make $100 dollar? When you worked hard for it, most likely you did, but… did you ever make $100 a day?   That’s a minimum earnings promise you receive […]

What Jennifer Aniston can teach you about dating

May last year Jennifer Aniston was dating John Mayer in bikini at the pool and this May you can see Jennifer offering her but to a puzzled Steve Zahn in their latest movie "Management", unlike Friends, not that funny.   But we were talking about what Jennifer Aniston can teach you about dating. Obviously a […]

Kim Sharma in Bikini

Bollywood boobs Kim Sharma in bikini heads straight for the camera: the famous Bo Derek wet-look re-incarnated in Tollywood movie Yaagam.   Yes, since Bollywood in Bikini is something quite rare, Kim Sharma went to Calcutta based Tollywood to strut her stuff. For those looking for an Asian date: Indians always come with "the full […]

How to sweet talk a girl

5 great tips to attract or keep a girl in your arms. If you know how to sweet talk a girl, you will find out that love doesn’t have to cost you a bomb.   Always remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you want to be more than just a friend!   […]

Home remedies for head lice

If your kids come home and school is closed because there is a lice epidemic, don’t scratch your head in dispear…   Read all you need to do to get rid of lice in this post about home remedies for head lice. Main thing is getting yourself a lice comb and keep on combing till […]

La vache qui rit à la DP-san

This post finishes with Japanese girls trying to kill anybody eating smiling dolphins… How did things get out of hand?   It all started when DPsan bought his belovered Goddess the Shogun DVD…   Yet after all the Japanese posts I made, vivid reader DPsan failed miserably in saying I love you in Japanese.   […]

Why you should grab a Japanese course

Konnichiwa! If you feel like dating a sexy Japanese girl like this one, you will be much better of than your competition when you speak a few words of Japanese.   Learning Japanese is easier than learning Chinese, as the Japanese have a simple alphabet and less intonations than the Chinese language.   And they […]

Japanese bath girl

If you dream about a naked Japanese bath girl, follow these steps to make your dreams come through:   where to meet Japanese girls  how to date a Japanese girl successfully and  how to successfully invite a Japanese girl bathing with you.   This knowledge is offered for Free, try it out when you have […]