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How to make diamonds online with Alvin Phang

  Go and have a look at the oblivious diamond ring Alvin Phang bought his girlfriend Kelly: all paid for making money online.   Alvin is marrying Kelly today,   so visit his Make Money Online blog NOW to wish them both a long and happy life together!   Alvin is also organizing a linky […]

Rihanna Bikini Wallpaper

Click to download a sexy Rihanna bikini wallpaper from recent Rihanna bikini shoots taken in Mexico for Mexican Magazine GQ, February issue.     Another stunning Rihanna wallpaper wearing a golden halter bikini.     Click the above picture if you want to see more Rihanna bikini shoots taken when from Rihanna in Mexico.   […]

Why you need to buy Valentine roses after Valentine

Because after Valentine, Valentine roses are twice as cheap as before Valentine. And in these days where making money online is getting tougher than ever, every penny counts!   To counter the cheap feeling of buying your flowers now and apart from saying it should be Valentine’s day every day, you can impress your loved […]

Make Money Online selling easy drawings

Learn how to draw with charcoal following 7 easy steps.   Always remember that Vincent Van Gogh started drawing in order to pay his food and drinks. Since you know how to make money online, why not sell your charcoal drawings online?   Learn how to draw with charcoal and make sure you get famous […]

Enjoy a fresh smelling house without cat urine

Enjoy a fresh smelling house while you are teaching your kitten to pee in the cat litter box.   Save time by using one of the cat urine products listed here.

Do you have the balls…?

If not, then we will teach you how to get balls: origami balls that is!   And now that Israel is forming a new government and to prevent a new Gaza war, we recommend they import origami guns.

Free dog training guide

A totally free dog training guide for download now! You can make as much money as you want: if you are spending more than you earn, it’s all in vain.   So in stead of spending money on books, go to a library or even better, download free ebooks online.   If you love dogs […]

Adopt a puppy for free

It’s almost April, so lots of new stray puppies will be born. If you were thinking about buying a dog, in stead just adopt a puppy for free. The dog owner will love you for it, in stead of having to give up their puppies to a dog shelter.   Do you think your puppy […]

For dog lovers only

Enjoy your dog loving to do all the things you want them to do. How?   By following the number 1 dog obedience training tip: consistency rules!   This is just the beginning of free obedience training tips and techniques from a new website called Guide For Training A Dog.   If you want to […]

Liver Cancer Concerns?

Are you concerned of having cancer? Learn about cancer types, dangers, causes, symptoms, treatment options and especially how to support your loved ones in metastatic liver cancer.

Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics bulldozered by ruling Malaysian party

Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics were no match for the ruling Malaysian political party UMNO in their quest to crush anything opposition in any way possible.     Some pervert took pictures of Elisabeth Wong when she was sleeping naked and managed to get them published in the Malay Mail. Which is quite an eye opener, […]

How to keep your dog and house flea free

Of course you can buy a flea collar, but then you have to keep on buying new collars every so many months.   Another great way to keep your dogs flea free is to let them sleep in cedar filling dog beds.   If you want to learn how to buy a dog bed that […]


Your personalized ad Leave a comment where you would like to see your ad at what price. We will contact you back.   Put your 125*125 ads in our top right sidebar Your ad will be seen by each of our 1000 daily visitors for 15$ a month.   That’s only 50 cents a day […]

Hurry: only 2 hot young Filipina dating girls left for Valentine!

If you want a Valentine’s date: visit Shane01 (left picture) or Jeremie (right) : the 2 most active girls on our Asian Dating website 🙂   Jeremie has 3 pictures uploaded (more sexy than this one) and Shane01 has a picture in her private folder only for her friends to see…   Wishing you all […]

Find your Valentine for free at Asian Dating

Meet beautiful Shane from Davao, Philippines and Randeep Soos from Quebec, Canada: they just signed up for free at Asian dating.   Asian dating is THE place where Linky Lovers can chat, wink and email to each other: all for free.   So if you have no partner yet for the coming Valentine, sign up […]

1 hot chocolate a day keeps the doctor away

Did you know that 1 cup of hot chocolate a day has twice the health benefits compared with drinking 1 glass of red wine a day?   Very good news for those who don’t drink alcohol but nevertheless want to prevent getting heart diseases!   What about the caffeine? 1 cup of coffee contains 15 […]

Make $0.10 money online for every 12 words you write

Write easy comments on any forum that Forum Booster tells you about, and you will earn $0.10 dollar for every 12 words short comment you write! How to make money online in 2009 2009 will be a challenging year to make money online, with so many laid off people joining the online crowd. You can […]