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Is love or money in your cards?

This card is much more sexy than these free online tarot cards I found online. But the idea is not to fall in love with the tarot cards, but to ask the cards what’s in it for you: love, money or good health?   Or all 3 together?   Unfortunately, my tarot reader told me […]

How To Stay Safe In Free Dating Web Sites

If you are using free dating web sites in your hope to find a partner online, your financial and personal safety should be your top priority. Below are some tips that may help you understand how to stay safe in these dating sites. When people join free dating web sites to look for a possible […]

Killer mosquitoes

Aedes mosquitoes can become killer mosquitoes as they carry dengue fever: a disease for which is no cure available.   If you are planning to visit beautiful Malaysia or other countries in South East Asia, you need to know how to protect yourself against aedes mosquitoes:   they are easily recognizable: they look kind of […]

Win an entire website!

Win AGAIN with the ultimate geek girl! to get yourself:   a WordPress theme personally designed for you  a free domain-name and SEO friendly blog-setup  5 hours of coaching how to blog better   You can win all these 3 prizes at once as you can participate with 3 different blogs.   Contest hosted at […]

Your iPod shuffle is just one click away!

Click here Subscribe to "Gather Success with your Blog"from expert and Pro-Blogger: Alvin Phang.   And you could win already the following Pro Blogger prizes given away by Gather Success with your Blog:   Increase online traffic with the strategies and tools from Atomic Blogging 2.0 System ( Value US$197 ) I use Atomic Blogging […]

Natalie Dylan makes money with her virginity

Natalie Dylan is a 22 year nude under her sheets beauty who wants to make money selling off her virginity.   Any takers can learn how to place their bid here.   All I wanted to do was grab your attention because you can get a free date when you sign up at Online Asian […]

7 simple yet effective dating tips for guys

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you these 7 secret dating tips because I could get caught in them myself after you apply them on me…   But tehn what the heck. Nothing wrong with good dating tips that really work for the better.   And sooner or later people do have to kiss and take off […]