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Who wants the most passionate date ever with Jessy Lis?

  If you are not a cat, and ready to date, then go and join Jessy Lis now!   Jessy is a passionate, very happy,caring and loving girl to be with. She is looking for the best man because she believes that with her nature that is what she deserves.   In her own words: […]

Four Tips On Using Free Dating Web Sites Safely

  Free dating sites have plenty of options and can be wonderful choices when you are trying to connect with a significant other. However, you always have to remember that the people you meet via these sites are strangers, so you have to protect yourself. Follow the tips below so your experience with free dating […]

How you can make a blog – Sign up now – New Online LL Course!

From zero to 10.000 unique visitors in less than 10 months? That’s exactly what Linky Love did in less than 10 months, December 2007 and you can learn from us how to do that!   Feel free to sign up for our new "How to make a Blog" -course teaching you all about how to […]

Visit Alex helping children with autism

Today’s blog of the weekend is Alex Chan helping autistic children on a voluntary basis!   Hmmm, would Alex still be available for dating? 🙂   Alex volunteers because he like me believes in Community!   To say it with Alex personal words:   We unite, support, give back, for only one purpose ~~ to continue and […]

Earn $10 the easy way

You want to earn a $10 bonus? Just sign up and immediately earn $25 + download 25 FREE Make Money Online eBooks   I just got the following email and so can you after signing up:   Congratulations, you have been awarded a bonus for sending visitors to our websites: BONUS : $10.00   You […]

Earn more money with a business coach

Do you want to earn more money but you don’t know how? When you run a small business, you know that your earnings boil down to:   your work, your knowledge and your creativity.   The keyword is "your". You are your best asset and you can improve yourself by getting in touch with a […]

Ideas for writers block

My 7 top ideas for writers block. 7 brilliant writers block solutions even a cat can use. And since I am a cat, I will just prove you that!   1 How to overcome writers block   My most simple solution to get my brain back on track is to take a big rest. I […]

£10 a month for mobile broadband

If you love to be connected with everybody, everywhere, all the time: you can afford it with the 3 Mobile deals.   Why 3 Mobile?   Because 3 Mobile will be able to offer you a cheaper mobile phone contract than you have at the moment. Just browse in their wide variety of best deals […]

Free Dating Web Site – Get Out of the House and Start Joining One

If you have been stuck in the house all winter, now is the time to get out. By joining a free dating web site online, you can meet a lot of interesting new people and maybe even the man or woman of your dreams. Check out the many free dating sites online and take the […]

Make money online the Garfield way

2 blogs for this weekend, because they just joined our Add URL list of supergood blogs.   the Garfield picture comes from Suzy’s beautiful and smart Portuguese blog: Dúvidas cor de rosa.  Another blog with an opinion and in English : Ponder with Canaan  If your blog needs more exposure, all you have to do is […]

The Free Dating Web Sites Debate-Choose Between Niche Vs General

When it comes to free dating websites, you’ll find plenty of options available. That’s part of the beauty of them. In fact, they have become so popular among users and advertisers that the crop continues to grow and this has led to the development of some niche dating sites. Below is an overview of the […]