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The Dog’s Business Plan for making money online

… A Dog’s Business Plan is very simple AND effective: show your pet on your blog make sure I notice your blog: give me a shout at BlogCatalog And your pet with your blog will be featured here at Linky Love, because we all love pets it seems πŸ™‚ The Atomic Blogging dog Meet Alex, […]

Meet Jazmin : Siamese of 15

We said it before: you never know who is typing on the Internet… This time around we met a senior blogging cat: a royal Siamese by the way from a respectable age of 15. We found her scratching around our comment box over at our Free tabby kittens blog. Her royal highness Princess is an […]

Ice9web (^_^) Emo Kitten

I am looking for new blogs, and in stead of using Stumble Upon, I go through the comments of these blogs: All dogs can go in the Dog’s name blog All puppies can go in the Adopt a puppy for free blog All well trained and behaved dogs and their dog trainers can go in […]

Orange tabby, rattle snakes and making money online

Rattle snakes are biting more and more people each day, but not only people… The cute orange tabby cat "Orange Boy" over at the Save Moki cat-blog has been bitten by a rattle snake as well, and it doesn’t look that cute, although Orange Boy is hanging in according to their last post.   I […]

What Linky Love can teach you about not making money online

Our monthly earnings of last month: less than 200$ … This tells you 2 things: it clearly points out where we went wrong and You can earn money doing the wrong thing as well! Whatever you do, make sure you do not give up, evaluate yourself and improve yourself The Sink or Swim business model […]

8000+ visitors in first 2 months blogging: Empire Dot Com

Our Blog of the Weekend "Empire Dot Com" is a Student from Atomic Blogging, and shows by example that Atomic Blogging is a blueprint to get almost 10.000 visitors in only 2 months of blogging! Tip $10 and put your link ON TOP of our TOPSPOTS "After I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip, I’ve […]

Do you get more traffic using SEO, SMO or SM?

Let’s illustrate these 3 top ways to attack lots of visitors step by step: SM Sado Masochism "Used by Rihanna", SEO: Search Engine Optimization "Used by Linky Love", SMO: Social Media Optimization "Used by Atomic Blogging" 3. Use SMO to attract more visitors SEO or Social Media Optimization is extremely well explained and made easy by […]

Clickbank Formula made easy

Please read our first post about the ClickBank Formula to make even better sales using affiliates at the new affiliate market place click2sell. In this post we will tell you what are the steps to make a sale and where YOU and click2sell fit in. If you sign up now FREE and contact me, I […]

Richard Quest CNN

Richard Quest CNN 1.000.000 dollar question: why is there always such a strange grimace on his face? Answer: CNN broadcaster Richard Quest was picked up by New York police at approximately 3:40 am with 1 grimace too far. The officers revealed Richard’s grimace secrets: a sex toy hidden in his boot and a rope (see […]

Emma Watson wearing thongs

When Emma Waston is wearing thongs, do they have a zebra print as what she is showing us see through on her 18th birthday? What is wrong with these Harry Potter actors these days? Why do they have a love for horses, zebras and showing themselves naked? Do we really need to know how hairy […]

Can Ambien improve my memory

Are you asking yourself whether can ambien improve my memory or not? Well… let me refresh your memory then! Do you remember Heath Ledger? No? And are you taking Ambien? Yes? Then you have the living proof that Ambien doesn’t improve any of your memories… Yet when I say living proof, that implements that there […]

Clickbank Formula improved: Instant PayPal payout + Know your affiliate’s sales conversion

Clickbank Formula improved: Instant PayPal payout + Know your affiliate’s sales conversion The new affiliate market place click2sell does everything the old-fashion Clickbank formula is missing: instant PayPal payments info which affiliate get clicked on your website info how many of those clicks really convert into a sale on the affiliate website!!! If you sign […]

Add your link: 200 Free links, are you 1 of them?

You could be part of them if you simply Add Your Link. We announced yesterday we will revamp our blog and we are aiming to built up: a powerful linked Blog Better Community, made by you and made for you! If you are already in the Linky Love’s community list, then you can get another […]

Make money online monthly earnings

Monthly earnings month 12 Linky Love is one year old already, and the last month of the first year we made $148.12. This month we made the most money using Bidvertiser. We made a total of $3062.7 in 1 year blogging πŸ™‚ $ 3063.9 total earnings Month 12: $141.32 (this monthly earnings report covers March […]

Tips for Moms Blog of the weekend

This blog of the weekend is Tips for Moms, a beautiful blog with a link exchange feature! Tip $10 and put your link ON TOP of our TOPSPOTS "After I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip, I’ve increased traffic coming from this website to mine. It’s working for me & it should work for you […]

How to rank 1 in Google in 10 minutes for 10 cents

Adwords Analyser Yes you can rank number 1 in 10 seconds, but only in Google! Grab your copy of our Free Adwords Analyser tutorial telling you how to make money online using Google Adwords. Why not in Yahoo? Because it takes days before they approve your ads. Quite sad knowing as they started the "pay […]

Erectile exercises

Size does matter! Yet due to the graphic nature of these erectile exercises, we suggest that you continue reading here to have fantastic sex. ATTENTION! Before you take any herb, drug or medication, read this: As with any medical condition, erectile dysfunction can best be treated promptly. The sooner it’s diagnosed and treated, the better […]

The plugin that saved the blog

Blogging ain’t easy. You might have noticed that my site was a few hours down. Luckily I found a top alternative Adsense plugin and we are up and running making money online again πŸ™‚ Managing multiple blogs (my Learn French blog, my cute names for kittens blog…) and trying to make all blogs look different, […]

Can You tube Me?

How sexy does that sound: can you tube me on U 2 music? That’s really RED man! Well, whoever can answer this can become blog of the weekend! It’s easy: Help me to improve my utterly romantic rose video… YouTube Question How to upload the best Youtube Video I am looking for a freeware Video […]

Free Cat Wallpaper

Free cat wallpapers for grabs if you hurry, because it’s only a today’s giveaway. Why free? Well, today Linky Love celebrates her 1 year birthday, so time to give away stuff. If I had earned as much as Alvin Phang, I would have given away Ipods… maybe next year 😈 All you need to do […]

Ana Karina Soto Video

Did you see the Ana Karina Soto NSFW video in our previous post? Our more than innocent Colombian sweetheart is now claiming that it isn’t her in the sex video… Ok, we already are familiar with the so called "it’s maybe my bed, but it’s not me" excuse… and we don’t need to know a […]

Carla Bruni naked

Have a look how Carla Bruni will be sold butt naked at Christie’s today: see the exclusive Carla Bruni naked picture that will at least get a Β£2,000 price tag! This naked Carla Bruni picture was put up for auction last week at Christie’s New York, minutes before her state visit to Britain. Since it’s […]


DoD brings you the most hilarious and ridiculous invention ever: a hand-held lie detector. β€˜red’ means you’re lying …How do you ask a suicide bomber after he blew up the square??? Is DoD the new RED in the war-against-HIV/Aids RED campaign? DoD as in Do or Die! Oops, Department of Defense formerly known as Department […]

How to draw a rose

Do you know how to draw a rose? Then share your roses with us and leave a comment! Ok, it’s not really smell the roses day today, as in spring you will get more perfume from hyacinths. Taking care of hyacinths is almost as easy as tulips care but you get the enchanting perfume for […]

Christian Single Men and Women at Free Dating Websites

The single men or women Christians were sites Christian free of dating. It means that they would never pay anything for the use of the service. It is a large thing about service of dating on line. The joint of a fee the dating that Christian woman maintain is recommended to the beginning. The free […]

Who knows how to make a WordPress Photoblog?

HELP! Ok, I am shouting for help to all the geek (girls) out there to make a WordPress photoblog and especially: Beth Ellie Girliegeek Carol And maybe ScissorShop Geek DaddyP, reindeer specialist Wolfbernz and "When-is-your-first-cat-cartoon-ready" Jay? The Challenge Who knows how to solve my challenge: I want to post my pictures like usual (using FTP […]

How you can make $30 in 30 seconds

How to make money online fast is a question people ask me on a daily basis, and the most original one was : how can I make $ 30 in 30 seconds?   Actually 30 seconds is exactly the time I need to upload the banner on the right. Each time I sell a copy […]

Dengue Fever Duration

How much longer does the world need to endure dengue fever until we focus on it? Do you know the Aedes Mosquito and Effective Way To Control Mosquito Bites? More than 70.000 cases of Dengue Fever in Brazil (Rio), this year alone! But it’s a known killer (at least 70 people died this year in […]

Shilpa Lee

Shilpa Lee is the "Asian Escort" name used for Sufiah Yusof: a child genius turned into a prostitute. So you might wonder: how does a smart girl end up to become a prostitute? You shouldn’t be focusing on her brains but on her childhood. It is said her father abused her and that leads to […]

Ana Karina Soto Sex Video

Ana Karina Soto brings you video number 70 that shows us the full beauty of South American actresses, singers or TV stars. Or is Ana Karina’s video 69? I lost count… Ana Karina Soto For a change let’s visit Colombia and our sexy host of the day is a real Colombian TV hostess. She worked […]

Free Cat Wallpapers: Hurry, today only!

Did you know you can make money online with giving away free things? Well, go and grab your free cat wallpaper to find out how that works! Hurry, go and get your free cat wallpaper NOWlimited offer today only!

Toilet Bowl Cam

Today we bring you a funny toilet bowl cam introduce by no less than John Chow: our toilet spy of the day! What you do next if your name is John Chow: leave a comment and say Thanks! if your name is not John Chow, then post his video in any unappropriate place you can […]

Ratty Papersurfer

Tuesday is pets-day here at Linky Love, so we will introduce you to the almost extinct Ratty Papersurfer. Where men go, rats will follow… And that’s exactly what Ratty Papersurfers do: they follow Daddy Papersurfer: the most funniest blogger in the UK! The reason why they follow Daddy Papersurfer is because he is one of […]

Farting reindeer

Today we celebrate the farting reindeer at Linky Love‘s Pets on Tuesday. Every year exactly 3 months and 7 days after Christmas, we celebrate the reindeer that didn’t make it to Santa Claus due to some windy issues. How to join the farting reindeer picture celebration? All you have to do is try to fulfill […]