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Free adspace for each vote: 13 days left…  Vote here to give your support to liver cancer patients   Tell us who you are : leave your name and URL so we know who to link the ad space to 🙂 Congratulations! your FREE ad will be seen by 50.000 unique visitors!   Win 1 extra […]

Sexy secretaries

Today’s blog of the day is Sexy Secretaries, and they became blog of the day because Sexy Secretaries left me a comment here to jump queue.   Sexy secretaries is dangling on the second page (top 25-50) of our Add URL toplist and has an average of 60 unique visitors a day.   Navigation of Sexy […]

How to give yourself more incoming links

Linky Love has more than one way to give you an incoming link, but you will reach the most benefits in getting the best exposure when you become blog of the day.   How to become blog of the day?   You sign up at Add URL and wait until you get reviewed by me […]

Free Asian Dating

Meet Sexy Asian Singles Today. Browse Photo Profiles. Join Free!   Free dating website for Asian singles. …   Find that special someone that you can bring home to your parents. Or…   Find that someone special your parents you won’t bring home to your parents at first 😈   The newest and fastest growing […]

Obama endorses Atomic Blogging – A personal approach how to get more visitors to your blog

"Obama endorses Atomic Blogging" is only one of the many Internet Marketing techniques to increase traffic to your blog.   If you want to know all the latest Internet Marketing tips and techniques to get more visitors on your website, then I advice you to read Atomic Blogging 2.   WAIT!   Don’t buy it […]

Deepika Padukone topless

If you want to see yet another Deepika Padukone topless picture, then head over the Deepika Padukone picture gallery in Sari Stripping at Online Asian Dating.   Make sure to sign up for their totally free personals!   Sari Stripping tells you more about how, where and why to date Indians and for sure will […]

Joining Free Dating Services is the First Step For Online Singles

If you are ready to meet that special someone online, you can check out free dating services by searching on Google or Yahoo, where you can browse profiles of quality free dating singles like yourself for free. It takes time to find that special someone so you might consider joining more than one of these […]

How to move to Belgium

How to move to Belgium is the sexy website of my sexy niece that relocated to Belgium.   Sexy website, because she asked me to redo her Blogger sites (why you couldn’t stick to one blog ah… naughty, naughty as usual…) into a new sexy and SEO friendly WordPress blog.   That’s what family is […]

Linky Love’s free instant messenger, chat and shoutbox

Linky Love puts the LOVE up front in our totally free personals from our FREE online Asian dating site.   We revamped the site and added more functionality.   You can leave a message to everyone in the shoutbox or…    you can send an instant message to anybody online   Totally free dating site […]

Looking for Single Men Online From Free Dating Agencies

It is too hard to find a long-term companion at a bar or nightclub. These places usually do not create long-term relationships. Single women seeking single men go to these places are a mistake. To get a long-term relationship, free dating agencies are the best places of looking for single men online. Online dating canâ??t […]

Benefits Of Free Dating Agencies

Curious about who you can meet via totally free Internet dating agencies?  I know I am.  See what the benefits are for you with free dating.  Totally free Internet dating sites will save people like us time, money, and liver cells. So we are now back on the dating scene and want to know if […]

Is love or money in your cards?

This card is much more sexy than these free online tarot cards I found online. But the idea is not to fall in love with the tarot cards, but to ask the cards what’s in it for you: love, money or good health?   Or all 3 together?   Unfortunately, my tarot reader told me […]

How To Stay Safe In Free Dating Web Sites

If you are using free dating web sites in your hope to find a partner online, your financial and personal safety should be your top priority. Below are some tips that may help you understand how to stay safe in these dating sites. When people join free dating web sites to look for a possible […]

Killer mosquitoes

Aedes mosquitoes can become killer mosquitoes as they carry dengue fever: a disease for which is no cure available.   If you are planning to visit beautiful Malaysia or other countries in South East Asia, you need to know how to protect yourself against aedes mosquitoes:   they are easily recognizable: they look kind of […]

Win an entire website!

Win AGAIN with the ultimate geek girl! to get yourself:   a WordPress theme personally designed for you  a free domain-name and SEO friendly blog-setup  5 hours of coaching how to blog better   You can win all these 3 prizes at once as you can participate with 3 different blogs.   Contest hosted at […]

Your iPod shuffle is just one click away!

Click here Subscribe to "Gather Success with your Blog"from expert and Pro-Blogger: Alvin Phang.   And you could win already the following Pro Blogger prizes given away by Gather Success with your Blog:   Increase online traffic with the strategies and tools from Atomic Blogging 2.0 System ( Value US$197 ) I use Atomic Blogging […]

Natalie Dylan makes money with her virginity

Natalie Dylan is a 22 year nude under her sheets beauty who wants to make money selling off her virginity.   Any takers can learn how to place their bid here.   All I wanted to do was grab your attention because you can get a free date when you sign up at Online Asian […]

7 simple yet effective dating tips for guys

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you these 7 secret dating tips because I could get caught in them myself after you apply them on me…   But tehn what the heck. Nothing wrong with good dating tips that really work for the better.   And sooner or later people do have to kiss and take off […]

Benefits Of Online Free Dating Sites

The word dating can be magical but the difficulties associated with it would be make you little hesitant. With the growing importance of free online dating websites, The difficulties of meeting a date become lessened. The great thing about online dating is that you get a number of information about your prospective date before you […]

Still Paying Money For Dating? Go For Totally Free Dating Sites

For some people, it is hard to believe that totally free dating sites exists which offer best dating services that too absolutely free of cost. But it is one such truth that can be denied by anyone. As man is a social animal, he wants someone around him with whom he can talk, share his […]

What Paris Hilton can teach McCain about making money online

  McCain uses Hilton’s parents money to make fun of Paris Hilton: is McCain ready to lead???   Paris Hilton MAKES money online   The only way to make money online is to make sure you have something to offer that people want.   You can see the latest video of sexy socialite Paris Hilton […]

Free Dating Sites to Meet Someone Special

Free dating websites helps you to widening your social circle. These are cost free, so people use it for having enjoyable and amusement. These are the most interesting places to meet other individuals who too looking for company of other individuals. The benefits of using free dating websites are endless. You can with no trouble […]

Why do white women like Asian men

Pinkelena28 from Asian Dating Online can tell you exactly why white women do like Asian men for dating.   All you need to know to make money online is that people will be dating forever, so why won’t you help them in finding their perfect date?   How much does it cost?   Helping people […]

Get huge traffic – Join ThePinkC dot NET contest

We are proud to announce that Ultimate Geek Girl from ThePinkC will be helping you out how to blog better at:   How to make a blog website where we will make sure you are ready to blog!   How to get more traffic : Ultimate Geek Girl Contest   Ultimate Geek Girl is ranking […]

1K Unique Visitors/day? Linky Love’s free blogging course!

You want to have lots of visitors on your blog? Then we can jumpstart you when you sign up for our Ready to Blog package. We will setup a WordPress blog for you and guide you through the process in increasing your visitors amount.   How?   See our Awstats for March 2008: almost 10K […]

Maria Ozawa Images

Use these sexy Maria Ozawa images as your new wallpaper! Ozawa Maria aka Miyabi features in many sexy Japanese videos… if I still needed to grab your attention ;-).   Maria Ozawa Gallery Click on the images of the Maria Ozawa gallery below to download Maria Ozawa wallpapers.      More sexy secretaries …   […]

Who wants the most passionate date ever with Jessy Lis?

  If you are not a cat, and ready to date, then go and join Jessy Lis now!   Jessy is a passionate, very happy,caring and loving girl to be with. She is looking for the best man because she believes that with her nature that is what she deserves.   In her own words: […]

Four Tips On Using Free Dating Web Sites Safely

  Free dating sites have plenty of options and can be wonderful choices when you are trying to connect with a significant other. However, you always have to remember that the people you meet via these sites are strangers, so you have to protect yourself. Follow the tips below so your experience with free dating […]

How you can make a blog – Sign up now – New Online LL Course!

From zero to 10.000 unique visitors in less than 10 months? That’s exactly what Linky Love did in less than 10 months, December 2007 and you can learn from us how to do that!   Feel free to sign up for our new "How to make a Blog" -course teaching you all about how to […]

Visit Alex helping children with autism

Today’s blog of the weekend is Alex Chan helping autistic children on a voluntary basis!   Hmmm, would Alex still be available for dating? 🙂   Alex volunteers because he like me believes in Community!   To say it with Alex personal words:   We unite, support, give back, for only one purpose ~~ to continue and […]

Earn $10 the easy way

You want to earn a $10 bonus? Just sign up and immediately earn $25 + download 25 FREE Make Money Online eBooks   I just got the following email and so can you after signing up:   Congratulations, you have been awarded a bonus for sending visitors to our websites: BONUS : $10.00   You […]

Earn more money with a business coach

Do you want to earn more money but you don’t know how? When you run a small business, you know that your earnings boil down to:   your work, your knowledge and your creativity.   The keyword is "your". You are your best asset and you can improve yourself by getting in touch with a […]

Ideas for writers block

My 7 top ideas for writers block. 7 brilliant writers block solutions even a cat can use. And since I am a cat, I will just prove you that!   1 How to overcome writers block   My most simple solution to get my brain back on track is to take a big rest. I […]

£10 a month for mobile broadband

If you love to be connected with everybody, everywhere, all the time: you can afford it with the 3 Mobile deals.   Why 3 Mobile?   Because 3 Mobile will be able to offer you a cheaper mobile phone contract than you have at the moment. Just browse in their wide variety of best deals […]

Free Dating Web Site – Get Out of the House and Start Joining One

If you have been stuck in the house all winter, now is the time to get out. By joining a free dating web site online, you can meet a lot of interesting new people and maybe even the man or woman of your dreams. Check out the many free dating sites online and take the […]

Make money online the Garfield way

2 blogs for this weekend, because they just joined our Add URL list of supergood blogs.   the Garfield picture comes from Suzy’s beautiful and smart Portuguese blog: Dúvidas cor de rosa.  Another blog with an opinion and in English : Ponder with Canaan  If your blog needs more exposure, all you have to do is […]

The Free Dating Web Sites Debate-Choose Between Niche Vs General

When it comes to free dating websites, you’ll find plenty of options available. That’s part of the beauty of them. In fact, they have become so popular among users and advertisers that the crop continues to grow and this has led to the development of some niche dating sites. Below is an overview of the […]

How you and Google win-win in making money online

See the green square at the left bottom of Google? That’s where you end up when you do all your SEO right: way down below the paid links!!! What will you learn today? How a little money well spent will make you more money online than doing all for free.   How much is your […]

Sign up free to Earn $25 + 25 Free Make Money Online eBooks!

  This really is the easiest $25 you will ever make. All you need to do is: sign up for free 🙂 Done!     You will earn instant cash and you be blog of the day boosting extra traffic to your website.   Yesterday I earned $15 for signing up: read my yesterday post […]

Wealth and health

When you are running around in order to make more money online, always ask yourself why you need the money for.     For Matt it’s a no brainer… and so it is unfortunately for all people with leukodystrophy: their brain isn’t functioning as it should.   Matt is raising money to find a cure […]

City of Thomasville, Georgia: Site of the Day

  If you want to be Site of the Day, please sign up for free here.   Thomasville Georgia – Rose dot Net     Rose dot net is a beautiful Internet Portal giving you all the information you ever wanted to know about Thomasville Georgia:   attractions, utilities, library and education technical support answering […]

Find Singles Online at Total Free Internet Dating Websites

Singles looking for singles at a bar or nightclub is a traditional way because these places do not create a long-term relationship. Totally free Internet dating websites are the best way to find singles online. There are million of single people who register every day to find their partners on net. Finding a long-term compatible […]

Make $35 fast: Sign up for free = $15.00, refer a friend = $20!

  I got an email today (see below) inviting me to sign up for free and get $15.   It’s a site like ClickBank, but better when it comes to earnings! When did ClickBank ever give you anything for free? Not to mention ClickBank’s deduction of $5 every 2 weeks you aren’t making another sale… […]

Best hidden secret how to increase online traffic revealed

Put a link on another blog that their visitors can’t refuse to click on like we show here by example.:   If you don’t have another blog, then you add your link to: article directories Squidoo and… Linky Love’s Add URL TopList   It doesn’t get any quicker nor easier than this: Click here to […]

Alexa Vega Facts

One of the Alexa Vega facts shows us she loves to dress up as a blond sexy secretary. Lets serve you a quick Q&A about Alexa Vega.   Does Alexa Vega have a boyfriend?   If you aren’t her boyfriend, than we can be sure Alexa doesn’t have any boyfriend.   Is Alexa Vega Spanish? […]

How to draw puppies

Do you want to know how to draw puppies? Just follow the step by step instructions and enjoy your own puppy cartoon in less than a minute!   I am actually looking for a person who knows how to draw cartoons, as I am in need of illustrations in my new Learn French book (which […]

Monthly Earnings May 2008

Summarized: ROI = $8.5 for each post I wrote (12 in 1 month) $ 3369.54 total earnings Selling Linky Love for $20     Kelly Stone : succeed where others failLearn step by step how to write quality articles attracting lots of visitors. Kelly’s expert eBook teaches you how to get incoming links to boost […]

Women Seeking Men at Free Online Dating Websites

In America or other Western countries, the rate of single people goes up in recent years. Because of this modern society, people get divorced easier than in the old days. There are more single people in the society. The more modern society is the higher rate of divorce. On a good hand, there are free […]

Why men fail miserably at SEO?

  Because they always wanna be on top… Because men also fail in taking care of mother earth… Are you a real man? Then you need some extra explanation now 🙂   Men don’t think long term!   Go on a date with a man and you can see their eyes already drifting off to […]

How to get rid of Chipmunks : blog of the day

Tip $10 here and place your ad instantly! Hurry as it can’t keep that cheap! How to get rid of chipmunks Pictures of Chipmunks How to get rid of chipmunks is our ‘celebrity’ Blog of the Day (Yes, The Chipmunks are quite famus!). But today we talk about chipmunks ‘you rather won’t like to see […]

Gina Lisa Topless

The German "Paris Hilton" on our sexy gossip Thursday is hot Gina Lisa topless in her leaked sex video. Former German Miss Frankfurt 2005, Gina has won several beauty pageants, including Miss Queen of the World 2007 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2007. But of course you only get really as famous as Kim Kardashian […]

Bring Donald Trump a bucket please

I was watching Donald Trump and Gene from Kiss in the boardroom for the Kodak task. Gene explaining why Kodak missed Gene’s concept and Donald Trump out of smart remarks looked for help and looked straight in the eyes of Carol Alt : a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit babe. Now I wonder what happened with […]

Looking for Single Women and Men at Dating Websites Free

Looking for single women and men at free dating websites is easy as a piece of cake. We live in this modern century so there are many people looking for singles online. It is simple and convenient to find your love on net because of its free means. In recent years, the Internet has been […]

Do you want increased on line traffic above 20K each day?

  If you want increased on line traffic like Linky Love had in the picture above, you can do 2 things:   read the secret in our How You can Make $30 in 30 Seconds post or try to find the secret for free hidden in one of those 1000 or so Linky Love posts […]

Cerita Panas Gita Gutawa

10 hottest Indonesian celebrities and 1 dark picture look promising for a new, hot and sexy cerita panas Gita Gutawa scandal? It even got hotter the 23th of May when 10 sexy Indonesian celebrities got on stage at an awards night at Jakarta Hotel Mulia Senayan organized by a skin cosmetics producer. You cannot blame […]

Turn your passion for pets into profits!

Are You A Pet Person? Then you should start your business with an outstanding FUN Factor! If you’re ready to turn your passion for pets into a full time income: without almost none upfront out of pocket costs and with healthy pet food products… …then all you need is the blueprint for your pet business. […]

Free Dating Sites for Singles Have Been Popular

Free dating sites for singles have been emerged rapidly in the last few years. Most of single people know about free dating online. The main reason that online singles find their partners easily is from these services. Without any cost, you can look for a lover, a friend, a partner, pen pals, or even a […]

Earn 200$ a month on autopilot Monthly Earnings

That’s a lot of Starbucks coffees on autopilot! Linky Love is less frantically posting on making money online but we are using other blogs to make more money on the Internet. The idea is not only to work hard, but also to work smart and find an optimal ROI : were I for Investment stands […]

Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

The biggest secret that gurus keep for themselves is their secret of making money online 🙂 Of course online money maker number 1 John Chow will argue: "all you need to know to make money on the Internet can be found on my blog." I could equally say: "all you need to know to make […]

I want to make money, how to make money?

We got a broad question from Gurry over at our pink "How to start a blog" site, where you can ask all your questions and we will answer them! Since this is a question about making money, of course we tackle it here 🙂 How to make money This is a broad question, so we […]

How to get more visitors to your dog training site!

Would you love to get more visitors to your dog site? Would you love an extra free link to your dog’s site? Do you love writing about dogs? If you answered YES to one of the above questions, then write a guest-post at our Guide for Training a Dog site. For dog trainers If you […]

Top Five Positive Values Of Free Dating Sites

When finding free dating sites online, it is very important to look for some important characteristics to determine if the site is worth joining. By doing your homework and carefully examining each site, you will be able to pick those that are best suited for you.   The sites worth joining possess values that express their […]

How to rank 1 in 10 days in Google with money making pages

The answer is simple: good tools and hard work: you do the work, we found you the tools: Atomic Blogging Squidoo Queen How fast can you rank on the first page of Google? Great Character Designs is: ranking on the first page in Google for "anime character design" with a free SQUIDOO URL: using […]

Know About The Benefits Of The Best Free Dating Sites

Looking around, today we can easily find many people living a life of a single. But why are they single? Do they love to live alone? The answer in most of the cases would be no. They don’t love to live single but are forced to do so. There can be many reasons behind a […]

Why John Chow shits in his pants

Remember that silly video where John Chow, "mister make money online" himself starts talking about shit for almost an hour or less? Well, reading how Squidoo Queen makes $2800 a month I finally got 1 and 1 together when it comes to making money. Quite embarrassing that it took me 1 year, but then I […]

Cat Blogging

My human writing about pets on this Linky Love Pets Tuesdays told me to do the cat blogging of today, so herez goez… Drumroll… First and foremost I installed a spell checker, so you humans can understand me better, ain’t I nice 🙂 (It ain’t a Welsh spell checker, sorry for that DaddyP…) Second and […]

Make more money approving your weakest link first

Alvin Phang‘s blog got hacked when he was upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1. It took him about a day to be online like before, where using my affordable web hosting I am online again cleaned from all malicious software in less than an hour. But Alvin’s question is: WordPress 2.5.1 Should You Upgrade? To answer this […]

Getting into the groove of Adult dating websites

Many people would rather choose a paid site where they would have to pay a very small fee to be able to browse through the various adult personals’ profiles. This they regard is much safer. In a free site anyone can post a profile or even multiple profiles under different names and identities. And since […]

How to make money with Linkworth Tutorial (2)

Read also our first part of our Linkworth tutorial at How to earn money with LinkWorth. During our first part of our tutorial, we told you to set your link-price to a value you really think your links are worth. If you set a "greedy" price like I did the first time, you will get […]

How to earn money with LinkWorth

We will explain all the words LinkWorth uses to describe their ways to make money on the Internet. Linkads The arrow points to LinkWorth‘s Text Links giving you a steady monthly income This is what is also known as Text Link Ads. How does it work? You set a price and choose where you want […]

Tante Girang

I web googled for Tante Girang and Web Google served me the above Not Save For the Office pictures. Especially the picture in the middle is way too hot for comfort. So I thought: is my browser setting wrong? Not really, as Tante Girang gives you steamy pictures even if your browser is on Moderate […]

How to get rich with pets

Ok, here we have a way to make you rich with pets, and you don’t even have to bark nor growl. All you have to do is advertise yourself for free, which means that you have to do what you love the most: showing off your love for pets. Because when people notice you love […]

Free Dating Service-How Free Is It?

There are thousands of individuals who spend their evenings at home either watching TV or reading a book, when they could actually go out and enjoy the evening with a date. Most often, it is the bitter taste of conventional dating that makes them a recluse, bad enough not to try dating again. On the […]

How does Squidoo work

Look at the above picture and ask again: how does Squidoo work? Answer: Squidoo gets your good content ranking high in the search engines!(number 2 for 533.000 results!) This just shows How Anyone With No Experience can Rank High in the Search Engines using Squidoo Let Squidoo do the SEO for you for free For […]

How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics

This weekend we at Linky Love are happy to introduce you how Kelly teaches other people to make money online 🙂 How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics When I first launched Squidoo Queen in response to watching people fail to make money online I NEVER thought that […]