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Linky Love, bragging rights and Zoey Zane dangers

Linky Love bragging rights Since last week the fresh visitors has been poring in big time at Linky Love, which makes us listing quite high on different rankings. For independent comparisons: add your link to our very own Linky Love Toplist and become blog of the weekend! PayPerPost RealRank 23 RealRank 23 at PayPerPost Ranking […]

Zoey Zane hot news

Emily Sanders aka zoeyzane found A body matching the description of Emily Sander was found about 50 miles east of El Dorado. Is Emily Sanders Zoey Zane? At the moment of Emily Sanders’ disappearance, Zoey Zane nude pictures show up everywhere on the Internet. The Zoey Zane website filled with naked Zoey Zane pics goes […]

Join our Totally Free Personals

Do you want to find new friends? Do you want to join a new community? Are you always the first to stand in line? Are you always the first to raise your hands? Do you love free stuff? If you answered yes to 1 of the above questions, it shows you better sign up now […]

Two girls one cup

Two girls one cup… Wysiwyg Two Girls One Cup Now who said Linky Love doesn’t stay on top of the latest gossip? Ok, I do admit that in the Dutch blogs they have a different opinion about what two girls one cup should be all about. As for me: I like a good cup of […]

What Zoey Zane can teach you about Money

Zoey Zane: Money is the lure! Zoey Zane and Emily Sander Did you ever wonder why you never heard about Zoey Zane until suddenly her webpage is down and at the same time a girl called Emily Sander that looks exactly like "Zoey Zane" went missing? Nude photos of 18-year-old Emily Sander appeared on a […]

Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage

Since you are here: Find the date of your life!simply sign up at Linky Love’s totally free personals! Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage Julianne Hough can dance as good as she can break up marriages… maybe her family has a divorce lawyers office? Ok, my imagination is going wild gain… It’s not always about […]

Blog of the day helps you with your shopping decisions

It is the time of the year where we all need to shop for presents for loved ones, families and colleagues. It could be an enjoyable experience or a nightmare trying to get the perfect gift for everyone… You can take the work out of all this by doing your research beforehand and the easiest […]

Video amateur de Luciana Salazar

Read Spanish blogs in 3 months Would you love to find out the juicy details about the "video amateur de luciana salazar", but all information you can find is in Spanish? You now can master Spanish to read and comment on Spanish blogs when you buy the Rocket Spanish Words course. This Spanish course is […]

Manon Thomas

Manon Thomas, a well known Dutch TV personality had her computer hacked. It was never her intention or wish for this material to become public. Their lawyers ask you to remove any of her pictures and will be able to answer questions of legal nature if you wish. GertJan van Oosten +31 20 6060680

Where to get the best price

When you shop online you must ensure that you make a price comparison to get the best deal available. Savebuckets is a great online site where you can make price comparisons on all kinds of products like laptops. For example: the Asus Eee PC Black Laptop is available at Sterling Pds. 241.21 only and the […]

Never believe what you see on TV

I love to watch Asian drama’s like the well known Crunching Tiger Hidden Dragon where people master martial arts in a way they can fly through the air…. Ok, it’s all fiction! Then there are the American movies where heroes get shot left, right and center, they stumble a bit and then continue to do […]

What cats can teach you about making money with Adsense

You must have read the so called "earn money when you sleep" slogans,trying to sell you yet another affiliate ebook. But is it really just fiction and no facts? First let’s see what we can learn from cats… Cats sleep a lot yet manage to live a great lifestyle Cats earn a living sleeping… If […]

How to become as famous as Angelina Jolie?

Although today is Money Monday, we take some breath as otherwise Linky Love becomes to much work and too little play… So if you feel like playing you can add url and become blog of the weekend. Or if you feel like playing in the real world, search in our non existing personals of Noelia, […]

Things To Be Careful About When Registering And Chatting On Free Dating Websites

With so many free dating websites, there are bound to be few that are not genuine and reliable. One must be cautious and not disclose any personal details while registering on the websites. At certain times, it is quite possible that you come across people who are fakes and whose profiles do not reflect their […]

Free Dating Sites for Online Singles to Seek Dates

The best place to seek dates is from free dating sites. Many free dating sites have been booming on the market these days. Many online singles have found their partners from these free dating sites. Singles online register their dating personals ads that describe who they are and whom they are looking for in terms […]

A frog to kiss: a fairy smart money Blog of the Weekend

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Who wants to date Noelia at Linky Love?

Tip $10 here to place your ad instantly! What, can we really date Noelia on Linky Love dot net? Well, we are in the progress of having this service for your, there are only 2 more obstacles: I have to make sure my new online dating site is completely running at totally free personals I […]

What Fran Gerard can teach us about breast augmentations and making money

Be hot and popular: join our sexy Casual Dating Personals! What Fran Gerard can teach us about making money online If you are writing paid to blog posts, you surely have been written about breast-augmentations. Mostly these posts have no rules: just write an amazing 300 words… 300 words? Why so big? Well, as big […]

How You Can Find Your Match Through Free Dating Websites

Free dating websites these days are certainly a dime a dozen, which is why you need to be more careful about which website you choose to sign up with. It really is no secret that a lot of adults these days often resort to online dating to find a possible mate. There’s nothing shameful nor […]

Nora Hardwick is now open for dating!

Oh yes, and Nora Hardwick is our first of our totally free personals telling us that there is a need for senior dating that should be filled in. Well, let we just do that at our new dating site at totally free personals! Linky Love introduces online Asian dating What’s love without dating? Euhm, we […]

How pregnant is Vanessa Hudgens?

Have a look at these 2 hot Vanessa Hudgens pictures and focus on her belly: Vanessa Hudgens nude photos are elsewhere at Linky Love… Vanessa Hudgens Photo taken 5 days ago Like the sad story of Megan Meier shows that some mothers are no example for others, we already know that during dating, you shouldn’t […]

Online dating – The new way to date

If you are one of those who spends hours in the office and do not see the light of day at all, finding a soul mate would be as difficult as climbing Mount Everest ! If you are an introvert and talking to strangers or new people makes you cringe or blush from ear to […]

Megan Meier Moms (5 xxx)

Why do moms need to start cyberbullying people until they commit suicide? Yes, for crying out loud, one should think moms are the ones having the brains in this world! But after Megan Meier’s suicide being bullied on MySpace like so: Megan Meier, a 13-year-old Missouri girl driven to suicide by relentless online bullying. The […]

Free Dating Websites- Success Tips

When people are dating online, there are certain ideas need to be taken care of. To make the first good impression is neither your expensive outfits nor your looks. The secret of impressing your date success lies in following certain tips and advices. While dating on a free dating website, you should pay attention to […]

What do cats and bra’s have in common?

Cats and bra’s love boobs Fomento de la lectura:Read more books! Cats and bra’s show your level of education Fomento de la lectura:Read more books!If you don’t get the link,watch the video below… At least cats know how to wear bra’s Fomento de la lectura:Read more books!If you don’t get the link,watch the video below… […]

What sexy secretaries can teach you about PageRank and making money online

Would you hire this sexy secretary? Suppose you are running a serious business and you need to hire a new secretary. Do you only use one criteria: the sexiness of her legs in order to hire her as your secretary? Secretaries with sexy legs earn the best??? Is sexy legs a good reason to spend […]

Online casino reviews

Online gambling is gaining huge popularity around the world as it allows players to log on anytime and play from the comfort of their own home. But for novices, the choices available online can be very confusing and mind boggling. There are various types of online casino games available for example: slots, video pokers, roulette, […]

Join my cheap dedicated server web hosting

Website of the weekend: our dearest affordable web host If you are serious about making money online and you are looking for a webhost server that is: affordable fast always online offers you bigger packages according to the growth of your website! available to assist you 24/7 then read below about Linky Love’s cheap dedicated […]

Cerita lucah baik

I was looking for a good lucah-xxx story, and nothing better would have fallen out of the sky literary than the story of the airport flight attendant Kyla Ebbert posing for Playboy… but there is a but, not only the sexy butt of Kyla Ebbert, but a real but…. But first the good news: Kyla […]

Jiri Tlusty is … lusty!

There are a few things a love about Canada and let me mention the top 3: the fracas blog (short for Fra Canada’s blog…) the Canadian flag found on our blog of the day DaddyP the entire Toronto Maple leafs naked… Some more naked nonsense about Jiri Tlusty We keep in the Canadian gossip circle […]

The pen is mightier than the sword!

One of my favorite blogs: to get a 🙂 on my face and to get into the mind of the male species… is surely DaddyP‘s blog! Congrats DaddyP, you are blog of the day today!(P stands for 😛 , but DaddyP will deny everything…) But the main reason why I am telling you about DaddyP, […]

How to put your link on my site in less than 5 seconds

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What Palmolive Palma can teach you about making money online

You can choose between: The Palmolive Palma way The Linky Love way Take a proven method and improve it These days the one sure thing to get you instantly famous on the Internet is having your own personal sex tape. The girls are quite slutty cute, sexy, gorgeous (you won’t hear me saying Paris Hilton […]

Bersih: Porque no te callas?

New PageRank safe way of selling links! Do you want to add your ad-link immediately? You can if you look to your right, where it says “Are You in My TopSpots?”! I reserved 20 TopSpots: You are sure your link will be visible for a long time. More than 50% cheaper than Text Link Ads, […]

PayPerPost is a fucking …

Thanks to Ask a Blogger tipping me $10,he ranks number 1 on my TOPSPOTS and he gets lots of visitors from my site in return, including me! Tip me $10 and I promise you lots of visitors! Your link will be approved automatically: it takes you only 5 seconds to get listed! So what about […]


Talking about Politicians: Malaysia has a PM saying he wants to listen to his people…as long as they keep quite! So no blogging nor demonstrations allowed… No wonder expats start thinking Why is there more freedom in Pakistan than in Malaysia? Technorati Tags: Singapore | Malaysia | Asia | Food | Indonesia | Australia | […]

Free Online Dating Websites to Find Singles

This internet world brings us the convenient way to find singles at free online dating websites. There are thousands of dating sites that provide an easy way to look for dates on net. What you need to do is to search for the best dating sites which have been online for a long time. Do […]

Think outside the box Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Get your link online on the spot! Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly! Blog of this weekend: Science Student Imagine all […]

Correction: Indonesia rules Technorati!

Bunga Citra Lestari is from Indonesia… My first comment on Malaysia rules Technorati! points out that Bunga Citra Lestari is from Indonesia. Which is true, so we need to clarify some things here… Indonesia Indonesia is well known in Europe thanks to the Dutch colonization. Lots of Indonesians went to Holland and introduced their delicious […]

Bloggers without a head: Unite!

Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly! All you have to do is type your URL, your link, tip me 10$ and the next second your link will be online! If you read my yesterday’s post, you would have seen me topless headless. That was merely in honour of my most favorite […]

Save money: buy using coupons!

If you are looking for gifts for workmates, family and friends, you can now save time and money shopping online for free coupons, online coupons and coupon codes. Navigating the site is very easy as you can search by store or by category. You can get items like apparel for men and women, flowers […]

Linky Love Misses Daddy P!

Who’s your daddy…! Misses like in missing a train… I took a plain (plane?) because I had figured out where daddy P was staying (ok, the Pica-Pica name of the bar gave it away…), ready to reveal the real face of Daddy P (or so I expect that to be under that cardboard), but oh, […]

Malaysia rules Technorati!

Did you notice which language is spoken these days in the Technorati searches? have a look below to discover the 2 most used languages in Technorati… ron paul lakshmi tatma enzo biagi stuart scott 17tahun indonesia lucah youtube mike huckabee mp3 puki anak dara video nasha aziz bogel vorratsdatenspeicherung noelia technorati townster siti nurhaliza Who […]

Geek Girls Unite!

New PageRank safe way of selling links! If you look to your right, there is a thing that says “Are You in My TopSpots?” and there are a bunch of spots where you can buy a text link for. Did you see the latest addition: Ultimate Geek Girl? That’s when the Universe finally made me […]

Cat Karma: how to beat Google: new Text Link Ads!

Tip $10 here and we place your add instantly! If you burn the land, new plants will emerge fast! If Google burns down PageRank, new ideas will emerge fast! New PageRank safe way of selling links! If you look to your right, there is a thing that says “Are You in My TopSpots?” and there […]

What pole-dancing can teach you about PageRank: Monthly Earnings!

Why didn’t I update my monthly earnings until now? Because I got alarmed when 3 months ago there was no PR upgrade, only PageRank downgrades… which had a big influence on my strategy and earnings. It’s earnings that count Earnings Strategy: my answer to Google dropping PageRank Take an old horse (French Swear Words blog) […]

Should I Join a Free or Paid Dating Website?

There is without a shadow of a doubt that online dating sites are here and they are here to stay. There use to be a stigma attached to joining an online matchmaking site, that you had to be desperate but as more and more people around the world use it, dating sites are quickly being […]

Fresh visitors: show off your awards!

If you are heavily attracting new visitors to your site like I am doing these days, then you need to make sure they get impressed by what you have on offer. If you are writing about how to make money on the Internet, then make sure it is somewhere clearly stated you are earning at […]

Join The Big A$$ profile list

Since we started today talking about Kristina Dimitrova’s ass in How to make money in your underwear, let’s now get back on topic with a new Make Money Online Bloggers list in the making: The Big A$$ profile list. How to attract fresh visitors Make or join a list like what we said in Make […]

How to make money in your underwear

Few weeks ago I already explained how to make money on the Internet Typing in my underwear but I never imagined my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros! See: sometimes you are just sitting on a goldmine without really knowing it! Kristina Dimitrova Andrei Andrei So my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros if I […]

Make money online with an online store

If you are reading this blog, then you know that you can make a lot of money with a business website online. If you already have a small business in the brick and mortar world and you are looking to expand your clientele, then the logical next step is setting up your own online store. […]

Free Dating Website-Making Dating Interesting

Free dating website is real, and whatâ??s even real is that they work! They might not have a 100% success rate but it is guaranteed that at least 50% of individuals who have signed up for free dating sites have found their right mate.  The internet is definitely making the world smaller and much more […]

How to make money on Halloween!

Halloween is the ideal time to make some extra money, and best of all: it is tax free! All you have to do is dress up as a kid, go from door to door and scare the hell out of those parents! Don’t settle for treats, demand real money (baseball bats could strengthen your demands […]

Foxy Halloween Wanda Nara dresses up as Firefox

Super Sexy Wanda Nara shows us how she thinks outside the boobs and dresses up as Firefox! (she can’t be dressing down all the time, what comes down, must go up, so something like that…) How Wanda Nara promotes FireFox Technorati Tags: Wallpaper | Celebrities | Sex video | Swimwear | Wanda Nara | Paris […]

Do you want real help for a DUI charge?

You don’t need to be a celebrity to get charged for DUI, but you do need the best Los Angeles DUI attorney to get you out of your troubles again (and in future you need to stop drinking AND driving!). The best Los Angeles DUI attorney you can get is California criminal lawyer Stephen G. […]