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What Gwen Stefani can teach you about making money online

Do what you love Have your own style Elaborate your business in as many fields as possible Having said the latter, have a look at my niche site about Gwen Stefani Clothes, which I need to spice up since it’s earnings that count! Super Sexy Gwen Stefani Wallpaper By now you should know that I […]

Make money on the Internet with Zazzle or lets you design your own T-Shirts, Cards, Postage, Posters, Mugs, Hats, Aprons, Bags, Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Calendars and Keychains. Your product will then be online for people to buy in your own shop on the 2 above websites. Nothing stops you from promoting your goods on your own website though. This way […]

What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank

What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank… What do fat cats and PageRank have in common? Nothing really, and that’s the lesson to learn today. The only reason why this cat is fat is because: his bosses love him dearly and give him lots of food for being a lazy cat … If […]

Eva Longoria Pussy

What can Eva Longoria’s Pussy teach us about PageRank and search engine rankings? Are you trying to spice up your website with all things related to sex? Then you could end up high in the search engines like Linky Love did for Eva Longoria Pussy Eva Longoria Pussy: SERP 17 πŸ™‚ Drop your pants to […]

Which online casino is the best?

If you love casinos but like me hate the smoke of cigarettes, online casinos are your best bet! But where to go online for placing a safe bet with a high payout? To get an overview of the best online casinos in the US, visit You will be presented with a list of the […]

3 secrets chickens can teach you about making money online

Chicken wisdom for those being that Google spanked their Pagerank…. 1. Make money online: Trade eggs for food Why do we keep chickens? Because they keep giving us eggs in exchange for corn. If you have something that other people want, you are in business! The disadvantage of this business plan is that the chicken […]

Top 10 sites that make money working from home

Do you want to work from home? Are you following all the tips and techniques from our site or any other site that tells you how to blog for money? An other approach to work from home is: learning by example. Go and have a look at the top 10 Work From Home sites (no […]

Blog of the Weekend puts the LOVE back into Linky Love!

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Putting the LOVE into Linky Love The make money online bloggers by now […]

How to earn big money as a super affiliate

Why did I get a spike in fresh visitors last Friday? Because that’s when I bought, read and applied some tricks of the following ebook. Of course I will share with you in the coming months the secrets I am learning through this affiliate ebook, but if you want to speed up your knowledge, just […]

Do you want a life free of headaches?

Do you suffer from headaches day in and out and need help with getting rid of this misery? You can get headache treatment at New York Headache Centre. There is a board certified neurologist, Dr Alexander Mauskop, who has a wide experience in headaches, pain management and relief, and other neurological conditions. They use a […]

Pagerank ZERO Finally!

Now that’s what I read about Linky Love over at Horeki‘s blog πŸ™‚ Well, like DoshDosh implies: PR is not my favorite tool, the one below is πŸ™‚   My blog is worth $173,878.32.How much is your blog worth?   Happy Blogging! If you really need a bigger PR?, then give us some Linky Love […]

What do you need for your pet? Find it here! offer good quality dog supplies at discount prices. You can also get supplies for other pets like birds, cats, ferrets and this include bones, chews and treats, books and videos, collars and leashes, fencing and restraints, clothing, houses, pet shampoos and conditioners, poultry supplies and many more. You can also get gift ideas and […]

Win more adspace at ThePinkC!

The smartest make money online geek girl is having yet again a contest. This time it’s so easy, you don’t even need to be a geek girl, not even a girl, I mean even my cat can win this contest! What is there to win? As you can see: there is space for 4 banners, […]

Do you need good office furniture? offers office furniture of all types and this include furniture for the reception, office work stations, home office, desks, training room, conference room and all kinds of office/desk chairs. All office furniture can be bought from this one site and you will be find something to suit your needs and budget. In addition, free […]

Vote for me and I promise you hot gril on gril action!

As hot as Hoang Thuy Linh? Most likely hotter because she is Vietnamese and I am Eurasian: the exotic beauty of Asia and the French kissing naughtiness of … the French πŸ™‚ First and foremost you do need to know that Hoang Thuy Linh is a Vietnamese TV star with of course how else do […]

Sexy Secrets in Stilettos

Mais sexy do que uma mulher pelada? Well: what about 6 sexy mulheres peladas!! Or should I say sexy stilettos senoritas? Or just the top of the crop models from Victoria’s secrets without wearing… Victoria’s secrets! Pois, estao mulheres muy peladas! Mulher pelada de Victoria’s Secret without wearing Victoria’s Secrets!Sexy secretaries make no chance against […]

Malaysian Astronaut reaches the Muppet Show

So he has been in space, are we now a proud Malaysian nation? Or how much does all this remind me on the old videos of the Muppet Show? Well, there is some funny resemblance that makes my head turn as pink as the characters in the picture each time I have to be reminded […]

How to look young and sexy

Get skincare products online at as they supply a host of Lavandou products including sun protection products, Younk Paris, Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, mens skin care products, Tendskin and more. If you are looking for acne and anti-aging skin care products that are used by health spas worldwide, you can get them at Lavandou […]

Tante Girang

It’s always funny that the words they never teach you in school are the words that will spread on the Internet, for sure when it comes to terms related to sex… Oom Senang & Tante Girang For once, we are speaking Dutch (Dutch from Indonesia that is) at linky love! Oom is Dutch for uncle […]

Where is the most romantic place to say “I do”

Are you planning a wedding of a lifetime for yourself? Now the trend is to have destination weddings and it is a romantic way of getting hitched. It would be so grand to have a wedding in an exotic destination where your family and friends will remember the event forever as well. One other important […]

California fires

Who started the California fires? We have the exclusive picture showing the face of the man taken just after he started the California fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback… Can somebody tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is no more in a movie and that the California fires are real? Still not convinced […]

Do you have a term life insurance?

Are you looking for term life insurance for yourself and /or your family? Globe Life Insurance, a company that was started in 1951, provides easy term life insurance coverage. No medical examination is needed and no questions relating to your health will be asked. You can get coverage on the first day so absolutely no […]

Gadis 17tahun

Vanessa Hudgens started sending her naked pictures when she was 16. Do you remember what you were doing when you were 17? Being bored in classroom or dating and spicing things up being hot and sexy with the boys? Well, in those days I didn’t have any T-shirt to wear and I was 1 year […]

1 coffee a day keeps the doctor away! has a wide range of top quality espresso machines, coffee makers and super automatics if you are looking for a high quality machine either for your home or office. They carry products from to brands like Capresso, La Pavoni, Nespresso, Jura Capresso, Rancilo, Pasquini, Cuisinart, Bosch, Bunn, Delonghi and more. Also available is fine […]

Why size matters when you want to make money on the Internet

Quite obvious: size matters because: you don’t want to be the only fish in the entire ocean you don’t want to be an elephant in a phone-boot Why size matters when you make money online When you make money on the Internet, you have to know: where you stand and what your goals are If […]

How to repair a power supply

Are you in need of power supply repair for your industrial, medical or commercial equipment? ACSindustrial is an expert industrial electronic repair and you can get online a free evaluation and repair quote quickly. Their services cover: industrial circuit repair, servo motor repairs, CNC Circuit board repair, PLC repair, telecommunications equipment repair, encoder repair and […]

Click once to support our previous generation

  Do you love your parents? Do you love to help people out? Do you love your own money? Do you believe in eternal love? Do you have 5 seconds and 1 click to share?     Then click to help this lovely-dovely couplecelebrate their 40th wedding anniversaryin style. Each click you give them each […]

How to get the right tools in your hands asap

Are you looking for tools to embark on an auto refinishing project? HandsOnTools will be able to provide you with the required body shop supplies to ensure that your project will be a success. They stock hand tools, power tools, shop supplies of all kinds, refinishing/detailing products, shop equipment, tool storage and industrial tool equipment […]

Add URL: Add your link to Linky Love is still free!

Linky Love is still in the midst of revamping this blog and our latest addition is a professional web directory called Dewitt’s Media Web Directory. Compared with the Linky Love Toplist Directory: Dewitt’s Media Web Directory is not free, Linky Love Toplist Directory is free for only 80$ you are always on top at Dewitt’s […]

How to finally lose weight

Are you overweight or obese and want to lose all those excess weight effectively? offers diet pills that work and they are among the best available in the market. They provide you with the best quality and powerful diet pills that you can buy without a prescription and with a 100% guarantee on your […]

Bite me, scratch me, lick me!

Lick me? That should be: link me! I can lick myself thank you! Date Linky Love: click here According to the piggy Queen of Tits, I should add some you name it, we show it: tits, in order to get more visitors; more clicks and therefore more dates. Date Linky Love: click hereQuite impressive claws […]

Men Looking for Women at Free Dating Websites

As we live on this computerized world, looking for a date online is easy and simple these days. There are millions of single men looking for women on the Internet on any free dating service. Vice versa, there are millions of single women seeking men online. So, you can join free dating websites to seek […]

Beauty starts with choosing a great makeup mirror sells all kinds of makeup mirrors for home use and also for professional makeup houses. Their makeup mirrors comes in various types including lighted, unlighted, wall-mount, vanity, folding and travel mirrors. Also available are magnifying mirrors, wall mirrors and reversible mirrors. So no matter what your requirements maybe you will find a wide range […]

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How to get some quick and easy money

Do you need a cash advance urgently and can’t get a loan from your family and friends? You can now apply for pay day loans online and approval can be obtained within minutes. It is easy and all you have to do is to go online and fill in the payday loan application form. Upon […]

Money Monday

From today onwards Meme Monday will be changed into Money Monday Why no more memes Because you need to tag your friends, and they get quite annoyed if you keep on tagging them Because I have no clue who to tag next Because DaddyP doesn’t want to meme me πŸ™ Why Money Monday? Because Linky […]

Amazing Orlando vacation home rentals

Are you planning a holiday to Orlando , Florida ? This is a popular holiday destination for its theme parks and other attractions for example the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens , water parks and other theme parks for people of all ages. If you plan to take your […]

Free Dating Sites in Canada are Forming New Craze

Β  I remember the days when my parents would drive me across the border in weekends and we would get our shopping done in America. I grew up in British Columbia, very near to the American border, America had everything! All the good malls and restaurants, the biggest movie theatres and a chucky cheese around […]

Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Liver Cancer This month is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH […]

If you vote for Fracas, vote for me as well!

Why? To double your chance for winning the T-shirt Fracas has been rambling about. How? If you win the T-shirt, good for you! If I win the T-Shirt I will give it away to the one who fueled my blog the most! You just get 100% more chance to win a T-shirt, so fuel me […]

Love phrases in French

Why do I rank high for "love phrases in French"? Actually the honours should go to a real French site like yours truly’s Learn French site. So how did I manage to rank high for love phrases in French even when I never mentioned it anywhere in my blog? The real power of Linky Love […]

Paris Hilton Gone Wild

Oh yes, now you will see Paris Hilton raw oops Rwa oops, well, raw in Rwanda, not in Paris. Confused? I am sure Paris Hilton must be confused now she wants to become the only Tigress left in Rwanda. Yes, our most favorite Tit girl, (it girl?) will bare it all in a reality show […]

Al Gore: dynamite trees for global peace

Al Gore Al Jazeera, Al Qaida, Al Gore… an other player in the War on Error? Let’s have a closer look in who Al Gore is and what he has accomplished for human kind! Al Gore iii First I have to stress that this is going to be a serious post : Al Gore has […]

Win Β£120 and priceless Linky Love!

This is a contest based on merit in stead of cheer luck, which means the bigger your effort, the bigger your prize! What can you win? You can have your 468×60 banner shown for at least 1 month on prime time web estate space: on top of my blog, like so: Work your banner on […]

Free Dating Websites – Easy Access To Finding Your Dream Lover

Nowadays, several people are roaming around to find the best person with whom they can spend their lives with. Unfortunately, most of them have lost even the faith to find someone. Well, you are just in luck, because now you can find free dating websites on the internet where you can interact with its members, […]

I bet you don’t know Bet365

Do you love to place a bet like I do? Then you surely know that cigarettes and booze can spoil any decent casino room or poker table for that matter. That’s why I love online betting and online gaming: you can do it anytime from the comfort of your own home! And the website that […]

More Linky Love from

All you have to do is add the nice logo Sheena made below to your blog, sit back and see what happens πŸ™‚ Of course I will update you how fast the linky love returns πŸ™‚

How to rebuild your financial future

If your financial life is in a mess and you have a bad credit rating, there are still solutions to get back on track. All you have to do is ask for your personal free debt assessment from an established credit counseling service. They will teach you your first steps in rebuilding your financial future!

Linky Love at Jenna’s

Jenna’s BlogNews & Reviews Get a review and lot’s of Linky Love from Jenna Although you can get lots and lots of Linky love and a review from me, Jenna seems to have invented the warm water long before I did πŸ™‚ All you have to do is: get Jenna’s free widget now put the […]

Free Dating Website – Join Free Today and Regain Your Personal Confidence

A human being is a social animal, who needs a partner or friends to live a normal social life. ThatΓ’??s the reason people look for various ways to find a partner to date and spend time with. The most common way is to ask someone out for dinner or to the movies but this is […]

My Friend Got His Partner at a Canadian Free Dating Site

I live in northern Alberta Canada and I donΓ’??t make it out of town to often. So the prospect of a free dating website in Canada has me tingling with anticipation. A close friend of mine recently married and when I asked where he had me his wife, he informed me that they had began […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Meme

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning we want to: educate the world there is a problem called (breast) cancer educate the world that early detection means you live longer tell the world you can sponsor breast cancer research and awareness programs You can Google about it or read more at Breast Cancer Awareness […]

Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Daddy Papersurfer Who’s your daddy? Daddy P! That’s why […]

How to make your fresh visitors come back

By giving them the same kind of content as they came for in the first place πŸ™‚ Yesterday my visitors sky rocketed (yeah, I also can be in space reaching the stars!!!), but today not so many returned. So we need to put some glue and make them stick. How do we do that? Add […]

Gambar bedah siasat post mortem nurin jazlin

Not only is Nurin cold, the police just released the last suspect in this more than disgusting murder case. Meaning that Nurin’s case is cold as well πŸ™ On the other hand there are pictures circulating the Internet showing Nurin how she was found death. People are protesting that these pictures should be banned… HELLO! […]

Nurin is cold

Unlike Ndoema is hot, Nurin is cold… For those not following the news in Malaysia: 8 year old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin was found death with a cucumber and an eggplant in her vagina. Death caused by internal bleeding after Nurin Jazlin Jazimin went missing on an evening market… If you decide to become a parent: […]

Ndoema is hot

If you want to get a hot glimpse of Ndoema, then you need to watch the embedded video below. Ndoema is not only a pretty face, she has a message that you can read at her official webpage at You can read her biography, watch a lot of Ndoema’s photos, videos, read her interviews […]

Why I love blogging for PayPerPost

Well, I found a great way to make some income from the web and it is all thanks to my girlfriend who introduced the idea to me. She decided to take an early retirement and blog from home as soon as she encountered PayPerPost in the early days of their existence. Myself I am still […]

Am I deleting you? Please restore yourself!

As you all know I have been cleaning house, sweeping the blog and did a complete make over using a template I found at the blog of the Internet’s most talented photographer Maiylah, who of course joined our over popular Monday Meme : what’s your current mood with this beautiful rose picture. Now it’s your […]

Can you win 300$ in your sleep?

I can! And I am just a cat! Let me tell you the secret of winning these 300$ and how many mice that can buy you… Do you want to WIN BIG at thepinkc ? As a cat, I always close my eyes so I can think of many ways to improve myself and my […]

Free Dating Websites for American Singles Online

Free singles dating sites connected the American single people unit on the Internet. There is no fee to create a profile, to seek American personals, and to act one on the other with others. You can seek in line of the key words that as American singles on Google, you will see the popular American […]

Monday Meme about hatching and cancer

I got a wonderful surprise from Maiylah’s blog last week:I got this: Brad Egel originally created this award and started the egg rolling to pass the love around. Seems I got tagged and like Hor Ny Ang Moh, I was quite confused what this tagging meant. Basically: If you get "tagged" you are invited to […]

Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Everything Kylie Visit Everything Kylie if you want to […]

Free Dating Websites Are better Than Paid Sites

One can always find advantage using a free websites over a paid service. This is a fact that free online dating sites always gives you the maximum advantage. Paid services always make you to believe that they have the most desirable services with them and the class of people they have is always better than […]

Are you the next Internet Millionaire

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Video Ella Jojie Bogel case study Fresh Visitors

Yesterday on my Total-E! Thursday I have been stripping about like nobodies’ business. This made me so famous that for 1 day I even ranked higher than Z. Even Z had a great funny post about naked chicks, Linky Love hit the real deal with the stripping nude Video Ella Jojie Bogel :-): What strippers […]

Fowa : FOr Wealthy Audiences only?

Everybody gets connected these days, that is if you can pay for it. I love to be sexy and mobile and I can thanks to my Blackberry that nicely connects to my laptop which gives me Internet access 24/7. Just at a hefty price which explains why I am so desperate to make money online: […]

What bugil teaches you to make money online

Look at the bugil picture of Anggun, a famous sexy Indonesian singer that went to Paris (not Paris Hilton but Paris in France) to make even more money. So good for her. Now look at the not so much clothes on their bodies either Video Ella Jojie Bogel. What do you notice? Bugil suddenly becomes […]

Do you want to bet?

Are you an amateur or professional sport bettor? Are you looking for a quality and secured way to place your bets? Nowadays sport betting is becoming very popular in the UK: you can make money predicting  the results of an outcome of a sporting event. But you can get a full range of online betting […]

Video Ella Jojie Bogel

Total-E! Thursday of course brings you the Video Ella Jojie Bogel, which actually is old news as we posted it already at Melayu bogel voyeur. Anyway, Ella is our most beautiful Malaysian rocksinger on the left and Jojie is her gorgeous sister on the right. Now what happens if you put 2 sisters together in […]

Eva Longoria has the last laugh in her sex video

Actually I had the last laugh after seeing the Eva Longoria sex tape I told you about yesterday. According to the date on the sex video, this Eva Longoria video is already 2.5years old. Kind of an amazing way to do your Internet marketing to make money online: grab each opportunity you have and add […]

Eva Longoria sex video

Come pussy pussy….. Well, what to do when it’s cats on Tuesday and all you can get your hands on is the latest sex video of Eva Longoria naked with hubby Tony Parker? All cats love pussy! Eva Longoria is Hispanic so in order to compete with all the other sex tape Latinas like Galilea […]

Learn About Free Dating Websites

The online dating industry has become very large in recent years, with many sites now out there. It is now one of the most popular ways to meet online with tens of thousands of couples finding love though online dating sites. In todays digital age, many people just do not have the time to actively […]

Monday Mood Meme

A lovely easy meme for those who are in the mood (any mood that is!) and love to add pictures on their blogs. ===== Rules, Regulations kind of stuff ==== The rules are simple and will be changed by Joey πŸ™‚ Show us a picture of your current mood Explain why this picture describes your […]