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Joining A Free Dating Website – How To Tap Online Dating Benefits

Yes, we are talking about the 100% free online dating websites that are being launched at the speed of lighting everyday and are flourishing too because of the interest and enthusiasm of millions of worldwide Internet users who’d love nothing more than to look at the profiles of thousands of singles in their locality who […]

Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Bisdak’s Footprints Bisdak’s Footprints or like she prefers to […]

Make a perfect list to attract fresh visitors

I invite all of you listed to Join My Toplist πŸ™‚Like fracas, you could be the next blog of the weekend (which the soonest is tomorrow!)  This make-a-useful-list technique is very smart if you are not the top website in your niche yet: you just make a list of all the sites that are the […]

Boost your social status: learn how to dance!

Do you want to dance like a pro and show off your dancing skills to your friends and family? Or maybe impress a girlfriend or boyfriend as well? Well, now you can learn how to dance at Dance Crazy at your own time and in your own home! From a stylish ballroom dance to hot […]

Sexy secretaries on webcam

If you ever heard about a sexy secretary only shaking her legs in the office, well, here you have one of those sexy secretaries on webcam. I just wonder if you are allowed to paint your nails during office hours as well, otherwise this job is way too though… voyeur

Melayu bogel voyeur

No need to look for Vanessa Hudgens or Antonella Barba doing God knows what on her toilet: if you really want some voyeur and nude Malaysian pictures, you can get it at Linky Love’s Total-E! Thursday. And for those men who still fantasies about exotic girls, the below video of our famous Malaysian rock singer […]

Toilet Voyeur

It’s total-E! Thursday or Toilet Thursday: so some real wet news for all toilet voyeur picture fans: a naked man in the toilet! Toilet Voyeur for those who never entered a mens’ toilet Iran doesn’t have homosexuals! Now that’s what the always smiling president of Iran Ahmadinejad claims. Which means that the above toilet voyeur […]

How to set up your own online business

Are you stressed out in the office and thinking of opening up your own online business so you can be your own boss finally? You can now create an online store easily using Ashop Commerce who is a leader in providing shopping cart software. They are a revolutionary online store host offering ecommerce software for […]

Wet Wednesday

Well, still out of the office and since it’s not totally-E! Thursday yet, I can not add anything juicy to wet yet πŸ™‚ See you tomorrow! Meanwhile become blog of the weekend like so: How you can become your own Blog of the Weekend Guestblogger ADD YOUR LINK and make sure to paste the HTML […]

Tiger Tuesday

Linky Love is still out of the office, but happy to finally introduce you to Tiger πŸ™‚ Tiger on a rainy day driving his car (yeah, he got a real driver, try to beat that!) See you tomorrow! Meanwhile become blog of the weekend like so: How you can become your own Blog of the […]

Most aMazing Monday Meme

Since I am out of the office (yeah, kind of cute way of saying I have no office in the first place πŸ˜‰ ): join my amazing incredibly popular The Biggest Monday Meme Ever or join Fracas’ Monday Melee or join both!!!!!! Main thing is you join to get more Linky Love and more visitors! […]

Blog of the Weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Fracas Fracas: Temporary number 1 in our toplist, until […]

My weekend Linky Love

If you give some extra love to Linky Love, I might as well give you a special thank you back during the weekend πŸ™‚ Thanks to Jean Chia It’s always a great pleasure to interact with Jean Chia: thanks for participating in the biggest meme ever! Thanks to Joey Moggie Double thanks to Joey Moggie […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Free Dating Website?

Life has always been prohibitively expensive. Money just seems to go out a lot quicker than it comes in. Relationships can be really costly, and the entire dating process will leave most people broke. Although what I am suggesting will not alleviate these monetary issues, there is a way to save a good chunk of […]

How Do I Use Free Dating Websites in General?

So now you have an idea of how to use these Free Dating Websites or Dating Websites to find someone to date. To find out more, log on to

What a baby can teach you about attracting fresh visitors

If you have a new website which is nowhere to be found in the search engine, then your only option is to use baby tactics: SHOUT and CRY ! Shout and Cry case study If you go to our Wanna be on top toplist you first add your url free and then see the top […]

How to buy even more gifts during the holiday season!

The holiday season is just round the corner and we will all soon be hunting for gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year! The easiest way to do this is go online to CouponChief and get coupons gifts for your family and friends. p> There is an amazing array of coupons and coupon […]

Alicia Silverstone naked

Alicia Silverstone butt naked(Picture from Liver Cancer story blog) Alicia Silverstone nude video  Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA Why is Alicia Silverstone topless? Because it is Total-E! Thursday, and somebody had to take off her clothes for the team πŸ™‚ It also comes to show again that all women know how to hide their crotch […]

Show me a sexy secretary

Why am I Typing in my underwear? Because if I am attracting visitors like you πŸ™‚ And I am not the only one using this strategy: seems the only way to get people looking at the weatherforecast has to do with short skirt and big cleavage. Jackie Guerrido pics Have a look at these Jackie […]

Typing in my underwear!

Life is becoming quite sexy these days! And yours should be to! Before I am really good awake and have pored in a big cup of chocolate milk, I am already writing paid posts, still in my underwear, mind you! πŸ™‚ Know your readers for high click through rates! Suppose I was making a website […]

How you can help your troubled teens!

Troubled teens need professional guidance and help to get them back to the right track and ensure that they have a secured future. Horizon Academy has a teaching program that allows students to study at their own pace. Many of these students have learning disorders and this approach will ensure that they will be able […]

Leave The Simpsons alone!

Join the most popular Linky Love meme ever Leave OJ Simpson alone I mean: if you leave a piece of cheese on the table with me in the room, and the next minute the cheese has disappeared, then don’t accuse me from stealing the cheese! I just happened to be there, so why is the […]

Where to find home improvement specialists

Looking for a quality home improvement specialist for your new or existing home? It is important to get a high quality and reliable home improvement company to save you money and lots of headache later on. We have heard of all the nightmares of having to deal with Home improvements that have gone drastically wrong […]

Join the most popular Linky Love meme ever

The challenge We challenge you to participate in the most popular meme ever : show the world we only need a few hours to get the count below multiplied by 10! Amount of readers of this most popular meme ever What you can do Be part of the biggest Linky Love ever! Join this meme […]

What is the Main Difference Between Free Dating Websites Vs. Subscription Sites?

Clarence Lee has been providing online dating services to the public for years. His Dating Legend website offers singles personals and free adult dating services to its USA, European and Asian members. Visit TODAY =>

Blog of the weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email! Blog of the Weekend: Zblog Z best blog on z Internet πŸ™‚ Zm0ney […]

Almost blog of the weekend

They could become blog of the weekend just like you if you join: Linky Love’s Toplist directory: looking for the new blog of the weekend! Toast & Egg & Me Dana Says Bob’s Thoughts…

Fresh Visitors Friday: Be on top of the news!

One way of attracting new visitors is breaking a news-story first. The second best thing is being on top of the news and add in your personal touch. It will attract less visitors than the first idea, but still more visitors than when you just sit back and relax! Vanessa Hudgens nude case study This […]

Do you want a real break this weekend?

Looking for cheap flights, weekend breaks and holiday offers? Go to and get all the info you require to plan your holiday or your city breaks! They are a leading independent travel company in the UK and can organize the hotels and flights for you and your friends. On their website you can get […]

Fresh Visitors Friday

How to attract more visitors? All the SEO and Internet marketing secrets will be revealed on Fridays (so you know what to do on the weekend and become Blog of the Weekend) FFF : Fresh Visitors Friday Well, if you fall face flat on the floor than Fresh Visitors Friday would sound like Fresh Fisitors […]

How to pimp your page!

Tired of the boring and uninspiring pages on your MySpace page? Need something to give it a more exciting and dramatic edge? Make your MySpace page unique and get rid of all the uninspiring and hideous blinking stuff that you have on it right now! Get the right tools to do so at All […]

Tips For Choosing The Best Among The Free Dating Websites

The moment you step onto the online dating forum, the number of options available will amaze you. Free dating websites are available in overwhelming numbers and the experience of choosing one amongst them can be daunting. However, do not panic! This task can be made far easier if you start on the right foot and […]

Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Yes, it’s Total-E! Thursday, so get ready for some hot and juicy gossip about sweet Vanessa Hudgens. You know Vanessa Hudgens from the famous musical "High School Musical" (or so I hope πŸ™‚ …). She recently became absolutely famous with her Vanessa Hudgens nude pics as well… Vanessa Hudgens nude pic Fake or not, the […]

Sexy Gwen Stefani Goes Moulin Rouge!

But you have to be darn fast if you want to catch the Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape tour in Paris, France as it is the 17th of this month. Tickets are still available! Now that’s why you need to make money online, so you can indulge in visiting any place in the world at any […]

WW Wednesday

Today I had to rush out in order to get my French Swear Words back online. Basically the bill was not paid… Not because I don’t make money on the Internet enough. But because this domain is my father’s domain. So since I got it as a present and… it seems the present includes paying […]

Tiger Tuesday

From today onwards, Tuesday is cat day. In my case Tiger Tuesday day (as that’s the “original” name of my cat, or so I thought before I googled it up πŸ™‚ ) Cats on Tuesday : Molly is grandmom’s cat πŸ™‚ This is grandmom’s cat: Molly in stead of Moggie, saved as a kitten from […]

Meme Monday

And when you write it MeMe Monday it becomes MMM. Now don’t confuse this with Me Me on Mondays, which of course is incredibly sexy, the other days of the week me look even more sexy πŸ™‚ Meme Theme Monday’s from now on will be having a Meme, so who-ever wants to give or receive […]

Influence of Media on Free Dating Website

Movies and TV shows are propagating the success of free dating website Free dating websites are flourishing with more and more singles of all age groups registering online to find their dream dates in the virtual world. While the traditional dating scene still continues, the free dating website has their own charm. A lot of […]

Blog of the weekend

If you want to be the blog of the weekend, simply join us at : ADD YOUR LINK if you Wanna be on top? and become Blog of the Weekend Make sure you install the HTML code sent to you in email, otherwise you end up like bontb: no stats although she got an incredible […]

Pavarotti pancreatic cancer

Read more about cancer Our condolences to family and friends of Luciano Pavarotti who died today suffering from pancreatic cancer. As with all cancers, you only hear about it: when the person dies when the person suddenly has no hair "for no reason" This Pavarotti cancer is no exception, and kind of sad way to […]

Thong Thursday

Looking at the amount of visitors Joey Moggie and my latest juicy posts at French Swear Words are attracting, I am also going to add some weekly features… The first thing that came into my mind was Thong Thursday. It sounds even more juicy than TotalE! Thursday. Or maybe I should put them together in: […]

New + Better than PayPerPost: Livewire.NET!

Since I can’t make money anymore with PayPerPost due to "geographical segmentation", I am now focused on making 35$ with this one post! How can you earn 35$ with one post like this as well? Simple: you need to sleep with the founder of Livewire.NET read the latest secret in make money online follow the […]

Why PayPerPost is Bullying our leg

Is US a big bully when it comes to world politics? Why is PayPerPost pulling our non US legs? Or is it just the US way of being a big bully? Those days in the PayPerPost boards there was a big pooh-ha that Non US posties don’t speak good English. When I stated that there […]

Blog of the day 8: Joey Moggie

Your already Blog of the day number 8 has arrived πŸ™‚ This is a great site from Joey who has an extremely well linked to "cat" blog. Unfortunately one of the directory badges is not showing up and pushing here sidebar to the bottom. That’s why you all should use Linky Love’s directory badge which […]

Women Seeking Men Online at Totally Free Dating Services

Because of this modern century we live in, we can do almost everything online. So, looking for online dates at totally free dating services has been popular in the last few years. There are million of women seeking men online at these free dating websites. Before the year of 2000, there was not any free […]

What do you do if you don’t have anything to offer

You sell fresh air! Agloco is the best example of this tactic, but PayPerPost talks back! about Argus in What is coming uses the exact same tactic. What is coming? The key factor is making a big fuzz about something that is coming making sure: you make it sound big you don’t reveal when the […]

Wanna be on top the whole weekend?

All you need to do is join Wanna be on Top and once you are on top of your category, you will be featured as Blog of the weekend just like Maiylah is today πŸ™‚ Maiylah only recently joined our Add your link Linky Love website, and like eLLie from ThePinkC says in how to […]