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Best acne treatment

If you suffer from acne and excessive oil production, one product that you must use is the TriClear Triple-Action Acne Eliminator. It has a unique triple action that treats acne quickly and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, clear and refreshed. This patented formula has proven its effectiveness and reliability as it reduces blemishes, redness and […]

What Paris Hilton can teach us about making money online

If you have brains, you start at the bottom of this list. The less original you are, the higher you start in the list. Judge yourself which direction Paris Hilton is going… Sexy questions, Paris Hilton sex tape, Paris Hilton sex video… it’s obvious that sex sells. What is not obvious is that my make […]

Canadian Single Women and Men at Free Dating in Canada

Free dating services in Canada have been developing rapidly these days on the Internet. There are thousands of single Canadian women seeking for Canadian men online for love and relationship. Online Canadian singles have found each other for marriage. Without costing anything, Canadian singles can seek online dates. This modern world is great that helps […]

How you can help children

One of my favourite charities is Children’s Hunger Fund providing aid to poor and hungry children all across America, and throughout the world. Children’s Hunger Fund charity was established in 1991 and has provided aid to children in more than 70 countries worldwide. The current President of this charity is Mr David K Philipps. Foods […]

Sexy questions

Yes, according to my visitors  log "sexy questions" is the most popular keyword sentence people come to my website for 🙂 Since I know I have about 4 regular readers, that must be how Hor Ny Ang Moh stumbles on my site 🙂 Where to find your visitors log Your visitors log is your best […]

Best Beverly Hills liposculpture

If you are looking for Beverly hills liposculpture, visit their website to find out more about their specialization in this procedure. They have developed a specialized “center within a center” and their main focus is on liposculpture procedure called LipoPlus. This is achieved using state of the art equipment, specialized staff training and advanced technology […]

Use Free Dating Websites For Economical Fun

If you are one of the many individuals today who can’t afford a lot of expense when going out on a date, you will find that free dating websites are the ideal answer to your dilemma.  If you want the fun of social interaction with other single adults who share some or all of your […]

How to become blog of the day

For those who missed our previous post and still want to become Blog of the Day: You just add your link to the Blog of the Day page from Linky Love, and you will become Blog of the Day: first come, first served, but eventually everybody will become blog of the day. You leave a […]

Latest techniques in breast augmentation

If you are looking for breast augmentation in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, the place you can go to is Rodeo Drive Breast Augmentation and their website address is They offer the latest cutting edge technology and all the latest techniques in breast augmentation procedures for women of all sizes, shapes and age. They […]

Free Gwen Stefani Concert Tickets

Whoever has free Gwen Stefani concert tickets, please leave a comment here and I will be happy not to grab it myself but give it away as a prize! For those that want to go to one of Gwen Stefani’s The Sweet Escape concerts worldwide, go and have a look for which concerts the Gwen […]

Invest in property in Mexico

Making money online is one thing, but you need to set a goal why you are making money in the first place. For me that aim is a house. Not any house but my dream-house has to be near the ocean like Ocean Front and Ocean View properties from Baja Real Estate. When it comes […]

Free Dating Sites Vs Paid Dating Sites

Dating has now become a widely acceptable social activity in most of the countries around the world. Through dating, you can assess several partners and choose according to your own discretion. People have different tastes, some are interested to experiment with several partners; some are keener to have active sex partners, while others are seriously […]

Blog of the day 6

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day number 6 has arrived 🙂 This is a great site from Rachel who is on her way to make 1 million Pounds, yes you read that right: not lousy Dollars nor Euro’s but those terribly expensive Pounds! 🙂 Best […]

How to accept credit cards

If you want to have a modern retail shop or if you want to make money online by setting up an respectable online shop: it goes without saying that your customers need to be able to pay with credit cards. In order to accept credit cards, you need to find a merchant account. A merchant […]

How is your Smorty Experience?

Please leave your comment about Smorty. I have been happily using 🙂Smorty 🙂 quite some time now doing blogging for money. But my latest post about Nurofen Plus kind of gave me a headache 😈 Every time I submitted my post, I got the error message: Anchor URL not found 2 I checked "everything", didn’t […]

On-demand charter services

Prudential Aircard Jet Card services provide on-demand charter services with certified operators for specific destinations as well as on-ground services for the passengers. Type in your flight requirements at and you get a quote by phone, fax or email in 15 minutes for your trip when you specify: which aircraft you need (including medical […]

Blog of the day 5

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day number 5 has arrived 🙂 Now I have to thank Trish for coping with me: she subitted her blog when she still was a baby but my computer broke down … Meanwhile all is fixed and Trish got a […]

Get rid of any pain

First and foremost I need to say that pain is actually your body telling you that something is wrong. Nevertheless I do get terrible headaches in Malaysia each time the haze pollutes the air in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately I cannot replace the haze with fresh air, so in cases like that I take Nurofen Plus. […]

Who is your next star celebrity?

Here in Malaysia, we have a show going on called: who’s your next star-celeb? Since 80% of my visitors are guys: go and check out my favorite Doreen or if you want to know who’s mouth is as active as a chicken backside: go check out Sharon. Most of us Asians are a little less […]

Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Lyrics

As you all know by now, I am setting up a new niche website about Gwen Stefani, more specific about her latest album: Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape. It’s a static website, so kind of put it there once and then enjoy it always 🙂 Where with a blog you are updating each and every day. […]

Paris Hilton the naked truth

If you want to see the naked truth about any celebrity, and you understand that the keyword here is naked, then go visit CelebKings. Be warned: you need to be over 18 to enter this sites’ Nude Celebrity Video Clips and DVD Pictures. If you want to admire your favorite celebrity up close, go to […]

How to add a web url to google search engine

You don’t add it to google! You add your link to Linky Love and then site down and wait 3 days and tadaa: the Google spiders find your link here and add it to Google. How easy is that? Add url Google An example why you should add your link to Linky Love to rank […]

How to accept Visa/Mastercard?

If you want to sell something online, you should set up "something’ to Accept Visa/Mastercard payments, and these "somethings" are called Merchant Accounts. Actually a merchants account accepts the credit card payments and makes sure the money gets into your account later on. If you have a mortar and brick store accepting credit cards, again […]

Free word count

If you blog for money, some of the paid to post services asks you to write a certain amount of words. Now if you write a decent review, you know that 100 words is easy to get if you just give an opinion on what you see on the web-site. If it comes to 300 […]

Free Dating Websites – Why Pay When You Can Get All Benefits For Free

Free dating websites attract not only because they are free. They have many other benefits in store for those who are on a look out for a compatible date. These sites provide free services to all singles whether they are seniors, divorcees, teenagers or disabled. Be sure that you will never come away disappointed once […]

Free dating online in 60 seconds!

Yes, I got my profile up and running in 60 seconds at this free online dating site at Then I spent countless hours browsing the many appealing profiles, adding friends, sending emails and chatting about with the members online 🙂 And yes: all the professional features you normally get on paid sites are all […]

How to Feed your Feed

Why Feed your RSS Feed? Because some of the paid to post services measure the success of your blog on the amount of RSS Feed subscribers. Ok, this Feed your Feed is from my second self proclaimed partner Ellie from She makes more in 1 month than what I made in the first 3 […]

IBackup online, do you?

I just installed my new computer and got all my old data re-installed in a second! Actually I keep a backup of my data online at IDrive : an Online Storage service of IBackup. As you can see in the above picture: my data looks as if it is on my computer, but actually it […]

How to buy a cheap and good computer

First you grab the cheapest Dell offer you can find (735dollar) Then you need to call Dell 2 times to find out they cannot deliver your order and they have no idea when they can. You cancel your Dell order. You take the Dell configuration and present it to a computer assemble shop (Plaza Low […]

How to rank high in the search engines?

You all know that one way of getting lots of visitors to your site is ranking high in the search engines. Now you can do it all by yourself like Linky Love does, or you can get help from professional Internet marketing services like DiscountClick. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can […]

Find Online Singles & Personals at Free Dating Sites

You can acquisition free singles locally and internationally. Online dating web sites accommodate the apparatus to advice women and men to acquisition anniversary other. Nobody appetite to be single at all back they see couples about them. No one on this apple appetite to break single unless they can not acquisition a partner. Luckily, free […]

8 random facts about me

Recently this tagging game has been doing the rounds. I was tagged by TheAnand. So here is some random stuff from Linky Love! My dream is to live in a country where I am not discriminated against: nor in law, nor because of the color of my skin, my hair nor the size of my […]

Free 1 week daily vegetables

Be healthy – live wealthy is my daily target. You are what you eat is what my parents always tell me. But if your life is like mine: too hectic because of making money or raising kids, then you need some smart alternative health ideas to keep as healthy as possible. Fruit and veggies are […]

How to Write a Catchy Profile in a Free Dating Website

Once you have chosen and signed up for a free dating website, your next step is to create a profile. Remember that your profile is your most powerful tool to draw attention to yourself. It is how others can know more about you. So, grab this opportunity to tell the world who you are. If […]

Which 7 people want to get tagged by Linky Love?

Leave a comment below if you want to get tagged for 8 random facts about me. It’s always fun to be tagged by your friends and sometimes amazing to get tagged by readers whom you didn’t know of. So I got tagged by Anand speaking about 8 random facts about me, and I will join […]

The Latitude at Free Dating Websites

I want to start this off by thanking myself for joining a free dating website. I spent so much time going to bars and clubs with my friends hoping some guy would come pick me up. I am grateful that I spent all of that time in the bar though, it taught me one thing; […]

How to email a 500mb file for free

Did you ever try to send a larger than 20Mb file by email? Well, that’s now possible when you use the new free online file sharing from Driveway Take any file you want to email up to 500Mb, go to Driveway, fill in your recipient and send! Your file will actually be send and parked […]

Finding your Soul Mate on a Free Dating Website

When you opt for a free dating website, you will be sure to find a wide range of potential partners. However with such an influx of choices, it can be difficult making a decision. Here are some ways to help you out. Searching for the perfect someone One of the very first things you will […]

Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape

Since I got hacked, I need to start all over again… Please leave a comment if you think it got deleted! Have a look at Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape dot com if you want to see an example of our yesterday post: What is a niche? Oh yes, it’s my new site 🙂 How to […]

Summer Discount Special Promotion

If you are looking for anything to decorate your house, garden, bedroom, bathroom and you want to have 10% savings on anything on offer, then you should have a visit at the Online Discount Mart. No wonder there is an extra discount of 10%, as this decor site seems to have been targeting the spring […]

Ever Tried You Luck at Free Dating Websites in Canada?

  Hi, this is Alex and Iâ??m fairly tall, attractive (well, it sounds like blowing own trumpet). Iâ??ve been raised mainly in Canada but Iâ??ve been staying in the US because of my work. My parents and brothers, however, are in Canada and I usually visit them whenever I get time. I couldnâ??t visit them […]

How to get maximum exposure for your blog

By leaving a quality comment here on Add your link. If you leave a quality comment, it should be “promoted” to a real post, making you guest author of the day. That’s exactly how yesterdays’ post from Michael and the first comment to it of Ellie came about at: How to make money online with […]

Why Free Dating Web Sites for Lonely Singles

Free dating websites are responsible for many long term and short term relationships. This is the very purpose for which they are established. It is pretty interesting to think of going online to find love. You do not have to think, you can start by registering and, you will not regret it. Apart from being […]

How to make money online with Pay Per Post

Written by Michael from the one penny project. I did 4 reviews for PayPerPost and am still waiting for them to be approved. You really need to check often for offers because the good ones get taken quickly. The $5 reviews are easy to get, but the $10+ reviews go quick.

Free Dating Website – Tips on Staying Safe on Free Sites

A free dating website gives you an opportunity to know and meet people of different types. These sites also help you to understand each otherâ??s likes, dislikes, past and future plans without even meeting them in person. On the contrary, it is very natural to think â??is this really trueâ??? Therefore, while you use these […]

Great Discounts for Hotel Reservations

Are you like me always on the hunt of traveling at the greatest discount possible? Well, at first sight it seems I found the cheapest Hotel Discounts online: they give you an instant $ 100 rebate they claim you can save up to 70% on hotel bookings and they give you a $ 30 gas […]

Make money online with Loudlaunch

As said in my previous post Make money online Q1 earnings, I need to find more eggs in my money making basket. I keep on known territory: “get paid for blogging” and I add Loudlaunch, said to be a copy cat of PayPerPost. Pro’s and Con’s about Loudlaunch each opportunity you write about only earns […]

Cheap calls overseas

Last time I arrived at the Belgian Airport, after missing my connection in Amsterdam, I sent an sms overseas to tell my Malaysian family I had safely arrived. Then I had to sms my Belgian family that I finally arrived and was ready to be picked up. Until I found out that my luggage didn’t […]

Make money online with PayPerPost

Since I need to start earning much more money blogging online (I do have to earn money to pay off the computer that I am going to buy in order to make money online… go figure! 😈 ), I joined PayPerPost. Well: they have 20 posts that I can write about: much more than any […]

Be smart: get your free credit report

I work hard for the money and do everything to use my money wisely. Especially when it comes to credit cards. My basic strategy is: to pay all my debts off at the end of the month and accumulate extra rewards, cash and points for that! If your credit card use is more complicated than […]

Make money online Q1 Earnings

Q1 Earnings: make money online, add your link exchange! Month 1 earnings: $ 24.81 Month 2 earnings: $ 62.28 Month 3 earnings: $ 44.10 Total earnings first Quarter Q1 = : $ 131,19 Q1 target: $ 140: Month 1 earnings: $ 20 Month 2 earnings: $ 40 Month 3 earnings: $ 80 Detailed monthly earnings […]

I Stumbled Upon a Free Dating Website in Canada

I grew up in British Columbia, very near to the American border, most weekends my parents would drive me across the border and we would get our shopping done over there. America had everything! All the good malls and restaurants, the biggest movie theatres and a chucky cheese around every corner. It almost sucked growing […]

Cheapest Dell computers using online shopping coupons

In stead of just blogging about making money online, I should add a section about saving money: the best way to get wealthy is earn more and spend less! My Asian blood tells me to bargain for every purchase. And the next best thing to bargaining is using online shopping coupons. I am going to […]

Get the tools you need to make money online!

Back to basics… If you want to make money on the Internet, you need: an Internet connection a working computer The better your tools, the better your earnings My Internet connection: unlike in Europe where I use broadband, I am using dial up in Malaysia. So whatever speed my computer could get: I am loosing […]

Free Dating Websites – How to Choose the Best Free Site

  Make Sure It’s Free   Just because it says free dating websites, you can’t assume that there is no cost attached to the dating site.  There may be some sneaky charges attached that you won’t even notice until it is too late unless you are looking for them specifically.  Don’t sign up for a […]

What is wrong with Firefox?

Is this only me or are others encountering the same problem? My computer is running slow (CPU Usage 100%), so immediately my geeky sister suspected spyware. I run Adaware and yes, I have some "critical objects". Once removed and restarted my computer, all goes well until I start browsing in Firefox. Same thing: computer slows […]

1 excellent review for only 1 tea

When you buy me a tea, I will give you a review based on the amount of tea I got 🙂 Leave a comment once you bought me a tea, so I know whom to review!

Blog of the day nr.4: who is next?

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day 4 has arrived 🙂 This blog is great as it looks well designed, is very personal yet well monetized! Best of all it’s FREE, so read how you can be the next Blog of the day.     Guest […]

Want to make a good new friend?

Then go and read how to make friends with J David, who is the designer of….. drum-roll……: Linky Love avatar at MyBlogLog designed by J David Make friends at MyBlogLog to get more visitors Go and visit me at MyBlogLog. If you never heard about MyBlogLog: it’s a place where friends hang out. And it’s […]

Free Dating Websites – Advantages That You Do not Know

  Having a good time   Free dating websites are all about having a good time with no financial ties or concerns.  You can have a lot more fun with a dating situation when you know there isn’t a bill for your membership coming due within a few days. Your activities on the web site […]

Third blog of the day: who is next?

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already third Blog of the day has arrived 🙂 This is a website + blog about making money online. Yes: static websites means: do once, live forever. Works great if you know about niche subjects and basic SEO. Best of all it’s FREE, so […]

Hot guy of the week

Why is my post a few hours delayed today? Well, I have been browsing around included checking out the hot guy of the week at HerFabLife 🙂 This is just my favorite 20 something trendy lifestyle site: HerFabLife. "Her" so only women from 18 to 34 years, except for the hot guy of the week. […]


Last updated: July 5, 2007 Join the favicon matrix! If you liked the benefits of viral tags and you love the beauty of favicons, then you should also try this out! Instead of tags, your blog or site’s favicon are inserted in the matrix. This ends up to be a beautiful artwork for your blog! […]

Second blog of the day: who is next?

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already second Blog of the day has arrived 🙂 Anyone friendly can join it seems… 😛 Best of all it’s FREE, so read how you can be the next Blog of the day.     Guest Links : Hor Ny Ang Moh Linky Love […]

First blog of the day: who is next?

  Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, our very first Blog of the day has arrived 🙂   Best of all it’s FREE, so read how you can be the next Blog of the day.   Guest Links : WordStrumpet Linky Love loves: how Charlotte manages to link a waterfall to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity

Remember ages ago when I joined the Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity? Now there is a list of the 137 participants. Have a look at it if you cannot wait until the e-book will be on offer. Free of course, you are at Linky Love after all 😈

Add your link to become Blog of the Day

  Since we are talking about PayPerPost in What are the best ways to make money on the Internet?, let’s use another "oldest trick in the book" marketing technique: Blog of The Day Also known as BotD… How you can be Blog of The Day at Linky Love: add your link in a comment below! […]

What are the best ways to make money on the internet?

Ellie from just asked me what is the best way to make money online and why? 2 months ago I would have answered: sign up for PayPerPost. But Ellie already knows how to make money online using PayPerPost… This is another sign that: “blog about what you love and sign up for PayPerPost” is […]

Why Free Dating Websites Are the New Way to Find Your Genuine Date

While the evolution of the online dating scene has taken in hundreds of thousands of couples, there a few things you should know about them first. This is an article about positives, and education about the pros on free dating websites will give you the tools to circumnavigate the thousands of websites online. Many people […]

500 most paid Adsense keywords

Surfing around I just found the 500 most paid Adsense keywords. There are 2 ways to use this list: 1. Get crazy and think you can make money online making a website “everybody else” knows about. 2. Do like me and stay away from these keywords. Why? It’s already difficult enough getting my page ranking […]