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Meet Interesting People At A Free Dating Website

How long has it been since you have met anyone that you found truly interesting?ย  If you are tired of dating the same boring type people, you should visit a free dating website. The free dating website is a great way to meet people who live near you who are interesting.ย  You will find people […]

Ask Linky Love

Have a question about: -how to make money online? -how to add your link? -how to meet my sexy secretary? Leave a comment and ask ๐Ÿ˜› Got a blog about: -health -travel -beauty? Leave a comment and tell all of us!

Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!

This is the ultimate way of getting your site reviewed the way you always wanted; just do it yourself! Who better than yourself knows your “must read blogposts” best? That’s why you should advocate them with your anchor texts on Linky Love! Guest Author Rules: write about your own site preference for sites about: make […]

How to make your comment stand out at Linky Love

I just got an affiliate comment on Linky Love that goes like this: Also I have an opportunity for your site to earn extra money offering a 40 Blog Network! Increase your Technorati Authority by 40 and increase backlinks by 120 in 24 hours for $20!! If you really want me to approve your affiliate […]

Review: one penny project

Before I made my new review rules I nagged asked people around to review me in order to review them. One of the first people to go for the bait was Michael from one penny project: a "how to make money" blog What I love What I love about Michael is when you ask him […]

WordPress global translator plugin

For those like Zubli who follow my mybloglog member page French, you know that I am into languages. That’s why I love this WordPress global translator plugin: those flags you see in my right side bar. Click on the French flag, and tadaa: French translators have no more way to make money online ๐Ÿ˜ˆ . […]

Join a Free Dating Website and Get Confidence

Once you join a free dating website, you will get confidence that you never dreamed you had. If you are looking for a way to get confidence and meet new people at the same time, without it costing you any money, check out a free website. Do Something You Like If you want to get […]

Weight loss diet pills

I agree, I would love to be more skinny and have longer legs. Now the latter is quite impossible, I can still go for the first in a lazy way: taking weight loss diet pills… Now I hear you say: are you crazy, are diet pills good for your health? Well, I am not a […]

Create Personals Ads Online at Free Dating Websites

Preparing to actualize a contour is a acceptable step to accomplish a acknowledged personals ad. You anticipate about what you are activity to address on your profile. You complete a personals ad and get it accustomed is not enough. You accept an accustomed profile. However, do you anticipate your contour be beheld by added online […]

Ask me to make you a favicon!

Why a favicon? So you can Join my Favicon matrix and get more popular on the Internet ๐Ÿ™‚ How to ask? Write a short review about Linky love giving you a favicon (see exact rules at Join my Favicon matrix) What do you get in return? A lot of linky love from all the participants […]

What Not To Like At Free Dating Websites

ย  The advantages of using free dating websites are numerous.ย  You can pretty much pick your benefits and enjoy it.ย  When there is no cost to join and participate, you will find a web site that is more relaxed.ย  The participants can enjoy each other on a more normal, real world basis.ย  You may not […]

Make money online earnings list

If you don’t know Paula Mooney, then it is time you should: she is a great example making money on the Internet with smart methods like her favorite: Paulas new list of blogger salaries You will find yours truly Linky Love at place 112 and partner Jay at spot 98 ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Paula!!!!! If you […]

How To Find Your Life Partner Using Free Dating Websites

Free dating websites are available for any adult who has a desire for the entertainment and companionship of other adults for the purpose social interaction.ย  Sometimes this is a lengthy process.ย  You really can’t hurry love, nor should you rush through the getting acquainted steps of a relationship because otherwise you are paying monthly subscription […]

Join the favicon matrix!

Last updated: September 01, 2007 (cleaned up the messy code of Ilker-Blogspot that was putting my sidebar below my post…). This favicon Matrix is now fully WordPress proved thanks to Linky Love : persistent as always ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Join the favicon matrix! If you liked the benefits of viral tags and you love the beauty of […]

How to get Linky Love from Zubli?

Unlike having to write a review like I ask you to, Zubli explaines you how he gives you a link for free. Talking about real Linky Love ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The News Room Earnings

In one of my previous posts: How to earn $145k? I explained how you can make money putting news from TheNewsRoom. I added a little example at: Malaysia Newspaper : Make money with TheNewsRoom. After installing The News Room news, I complained in The News Room payments? that we have no idea how much money […]

Woman Power

Here is some linkbait from Empower Women Now calling for a link-exchange with all women and mom bloggers. (Now I always thought the latter would imply the first…) What is in it for you? youโ€™re guaranteed at least 2 link-backs, a chance to win $500.95 in prizes, you will get a $200 press release […]

Better than the Yellow Pages!

This must be the Yellow Pages of the 21 century! If you have a business, then you better add it to the right now: it’s free and you only gain more exposure to your business! What makes the stand above your normal business directory is that it shows you a map how to […]

Be first to get noticed!

One simple strategy to get noticed is being the first: We all know the President of the US, but who is number 3? Same goes with: being the first to grab a Creamaid being the first to comment on a blog being the first to write a Linky Love review like I asked yesterday in […]

Linky Love will add your link: review rules

Review Linky Love and receive a backlink! Linky Love will add your link every time I receive 5 new reviews about Linky Love. Why you want a link to Linky Love? Because Linky Love is hot ๐Ÿ˜ณ : within the top 100.000 of Technorati within 3 months! If you use a PageRank predictor tool, you […]

Make money blogging about your city!

Do you like me love to travel and love to blog? You can now gain huge exposure and revenue by writing a travel blog about the city you live in when you sign up at HotelsByCity. They are looking for travel bloggers who: know their city well, wanting to blog about their city You need […]

Advertlets Poll Code only

My previous Advertlets posts: Monetize your blog twice with Advertlets! Advertlets survey Since my last post, Advertlets keeps on surprising me by answering my questions starlight in my email. Aren’t they great! Actually my latest question was how we can track our Advertlets earnings. My previous question about the Polling Code: why is your survey […]

Make money with your pet!

Do you know people who love to receive cards and who love pets? Then you better send them a pet ecard now! Pets are featured in different categories, from funny pets to rescued pets cards. How to make money online with your pet? But what’s in it for my readers trying to make money online? […]

How John Chow could be twice as rich!

Somebody asked me last week: who is this John Chow guy? Time for a month long review as you just cannot summarize John Chow in 1 word. You can do it in 1 smiley though: ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Well, if you know John Chow, you know he always drives his Corvettes head on into other corvettes… So […]

John Chow traveling pen

Update about this miraculous John Chow pen: Make money online pen traveling from John Chow to…? As soon as the evil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ John Chow Pen started traveling from Anand to me, I got 2 people asking to organise the next travel of the pen: shypys and

Free Dating Website : You Never Have to Pay Again by Knowing the Truth

ย  Exaggeration ย  If your contact on a free dating website seems inclined to exaggerate in speech or attitude, you should be cautious about further interaction with him or her. While everyone is allowed to feel positive about their accomplishments, when you find someone who always does everything better than anyone else, it can get […]

Earn $7.5 when you review my blog

Yes, you can earn money when you review my blog, how cool is that! You just need to click on the Get paid to review my post button at the bottom of each post and follow the instructions (or ask more explanations in a comment) How to get the money? Like with every other paid […]

Go party and get some Linky Love

Where better than parties to get more Linky Love? Go and visit Wolfbernz!

For all those whose Payperpost Reviews are pending

Did you write a review for Get paid to review one of my posts now! but never got the 7.5$ Payperpost promised you? Are you in the list of people below that wrote a review one of my posts, then please leave a message: where we can find your 7,5$ review So I can follow […]

Now You Can Meet the Right Person on Free Dating Websites

When you go to free dating websites to meet people, you can find plenty of options. However, the biggest chances of success are going to come if you follow a few pieces of advice. Know Who You Want Before you get started with your free dating websites, you should make a list of some of […]


Did you make a bid yet to receive the John Chow pen? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ After days of trying and writing to get into the advertising service of Blogitive, I still cannot login and get the following error message: Sorry, this account was not recognized. What is your experience with Blogitive?

Who wants to buy the John Chow pen?

As you all know, I was sent the exclusive make money online pen from John Chow. To monetize my blog to the fullest, I am selling of this exclusive John Chow pen to the highest bidder! So if you are interested: add your bid in a comment and the John Chow pen could be yours […]

Daily Linky Love

I received again lots of Linky Love I am asking for, so join linking to me and get featured in my daily Linky Love. Review me and get reviewed in full back on Linky Love! 01 Welcome ร‚ยซ Book Project : another link from dearest Zubli linking the MyBlogLog community together Tom LeDree . com […]

Monthly earnings amount

The second month of Linky Love is over and the earnings this month were 62.28$. Compared to 24.81$ in the first month (see: it’s earnings that count) This makes my overall total after 2 months : 87.09$ I don’t count 3 extra dollars earned from CreamAid referrals, because they are earned by my smart, sexy […]

Free Dating Websites-how to Go About in Your First Meeting

Going through free dating websites is a great way to connect with new people. However, if you are serious about taking those Internet relationships to the next level, then youโ€™ll need to arrange a first meeting. Of course, you donโ€™t want to do this without taking some wise precautions ahead of time. Choose a Public […]

Travelers wanted

Do you like me: love to travel, have a camera and have a blog, then leave a comment now saying which country you live in.

Free Dating Website: Tips For Success

There are certain points to be taken care of when you are dating online. Itโ€™s neither your expensive outfits nor your looks that will make the first good impression. The secret of success in impressing your date lies in following certain tips and advices. You should pay attention to them while dating on a free […]

Evil John Chow

John Chow has a pen that he wants to deliver to someone but evil as John Chow is: John Chow want’s others to pay for the stamp and postage John Chow doesn’t say to whom he wants to send the pen to So Evil John Chow‘s pen traveled to Matt Jones, Matt didn’t feel he […]

Daily Dose of Linky Love

Daily Dose of Linky Love Thanks for the incoming Linky Love links today ๐Ÿ™‚ from: Munny4Hunny (if you want a good partner, Jay is the one!) Make Money Online (why do I see the same picture all over that blog???) And seems I forgot to add a few days ago: El Gigante Verdoso (a way […]


Jippee, got an email today that Linky Love got accepted in Blogitive: the paid to post service of Great would you say… well, not so: I tried to log in and it just doesn’t work: I cannot get past the login page… Who is Blogitive looking for? Evil me also applied with a […]

How To Make Yourself Look Absolutely Sensational On Free Dating Websites

ย  ย  Now that you have decided to join some of the free dating websites on the internet, you want to make sure you are noticed.ย  There are a few steps that you can take to make yourself look absolutely sensational both in your picture and your profile to attract more interest. ย  Go Celebrity […]

Four Relationship Options Through Free Dating Websites

Don’t assume everyone at free dating websites wants to get married. There are plenty of relationship options to consider on these sites. If you are interested in free dating websites, you aren’t necessarily looking for a long-term commitment or a trip down the aisle. One of the primary misconceptions people have about online dating is […]

Linky Love at its best!

Thanks to all of you!!!! Another batch of Linky Lovers linking to me and 1 great feedback review. Seems I had way to much advertisement, so I got rid of a few. Please leave a comment if you think it’s still too much or how I can improve the layout? Daily Linky Love Legitimate Work […]

The News-Room Helpdesk

The News Room offers news and CPM ads to your site. I emailed yesterday aking how I can track how much my ads from The News-Room are making? Within 4 hours I got their answer! Communication is king Take me as an example: Linky Love is a new site and people bare with my newcomer […]

The News Room payments?

In my 2 previous posts: showing an example of a CPM post from The News Room and explaining how to use The News Room, I didn’t mention about payments. nevertheless: when working for money: it’s money that counts! ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately there is no clear page on their website to track your earnings, so I wrote […]

Your First Date From your Free Dating Website

After exchanging a few emails and established enough time, it is now time to meet face to face with your guy or gal from your free dating website. First dates with people you meet in a free dating website are much like blind dates, only that you know quite a little about your date. You […]

How to earn $145k?

By becoming a teenager and thinking like one… See TheNewsRoom video below… How to earn money with TheNewsRoom? This is a lazy man’s way of earning money by displaying embedded news (they call it ‘mash" the news on your blog!) You want to mash me? Click on the mash button on TheNewsRoom video below, fill […]

Free Dating Website And Common Myths Around It

Today, internet dating is very popular. There are a number of people who have met their dream dates by joining either a free dating website or a paid one. Itโ€™s time to open up your eyes to reality. Overcome your mental blocks and just jump into this deep ocean of people, where everybody is looking […]

Malaysia Newspaper : Make money with TheNewsRoom

Malaysia’s tourist bait… …if your connection is slow… be patient…embedded content loading… Mash this “video” so I make money or go to The News Room and embed (“mash’) news videos with adds in your blog! Linky Love removed this The News Room movie as it is too big (width exceed my column) to fit this […]

Add your link success!

Every day I get more incoming links, do I have yours already? Thanks for linking to me! Daily Blogdump Due to my flu I am having a delay in updating my blogroll, yet meanwhile I add you inside my posts: that gives even better linking power! BlogDumps Blog Speedcat Hollydale Page Sexy Celebrity Sistas For […]

How to earn more money, get a PageRank 7 link?

More money, more time, more PageRank: how? By reviewing a very practical designers tool called Color Picker, which I just downloaded and installed in my system tray : ready when I need to pick a color! How to earn money with a color picker? If you are making money with Adsenseor any other text link […]

Leave a comment to get a link!

It’s Sunday and I am bored, so I ask you to leave a comment so I have something to read and don’t feel bored. What’s in it for you? A free link to your website since my comments are Do-Follow. Why don’t you add my LinkyLove button to your site (copy/paste HTML code on top […]

Lonestar to Loveking – Free Dating Website Changed My Life

I lived in the states for about 6 years, but am a born and raised Canadian. My older brother and I left British Columbia when he had met a woman on a free dating website in Canada. He was in love, and I just wanted to get out of town. I went with him, we […]

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So I have got some feedback about LinkyLove and the worst was: I didn’t read your content as I didn’t know where to start… So for all of you that do manage to read this ๐Ÿ™‚ today I installed the logical continuation of a blog post: a link to posts that are about the same […]


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