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WordPress incoming links work again

And these seem to be the latest incoming links, if you are not on the list: please leave me a comment! Just that I am getting a flu, so will be linking to all of you later, but I say thank you already to: the thinking blog : Ilker, the designer of my Linky Love […]

How to build world class companies

By receiving private equity from Venture Alliance Partners (Venpar): helping entrepreneurs and investors building world class companies. You need an example? Well our well know and since yesterday paying Bloggerwave is powered by IQ Division : one of the projects of Venpar. Remember Masterseek: another promising company in the portfolio of Venpar. So if your […]

Things to Look Out for Before Joining Free Dating Websites

There are many people who look down upon free dating websites for various reasons. Maybe, they have been through some unpleasant experiences that cause them to despise the concept of free dating websites. If you are new to the online dating world, it is natural for you to wonder how these free dating websites manage […]

Technorati Update + WordPress incoming links gone

Since Technorati is in the midst of revamping their site, the new incoming links on my WordPress dashboard are temporary gone. So for those linking to me or reviewing me, please leave a comment! This is exactly why I don’t like to twitter around with the look and feel of WordPress templates either: takes a […]

Bloggerwave is a new paid to post site that has got a lot of comments these days due to: looks too much like PPP rumours about bad or not paying out What is different compared with PPP is the way you submit your opportunity: you will get HTML code that you put in your post […]

Free advertising on Masterseek

Sign up with your business at the new masterseek business search engine and join the more than 45 million companies in 75 countries around the world. Normally a 1 year subscription will cost 199$, yet there is a quick and easy free submit as well. Subscribing means you will be able to see statistics how […]

Free Dating Website – Tips to a Successful Online Dating

After choosing a free dating website, the first step is to prepare a killer profile to place on the web site. It’s important to remember some key factors when creating the profile so that it says what you want it to say. Your picture The picture is the first knowledge other members on the free […]

Free Mini Banners

Jay made me 2 cute mini banners and he does that for you too for free. Euhm, nothing is really free but he is not asking for money…. Check it out at his latest mini banners post.

Is this the new prophet?

Did I just stumble on the blog of a new prophet? That was my first idea when I read this apostles post. Even in his last paragraph, he mentions God in a way normal church visitors wouldn’t even dare to think about. Personally I am not keen on a new prophet. Not only will it […]

Linky Love gets popular!!!!

Thanks to you!!! Please take the 4 secs survey on the left! THANKS! Linky Love is getting more and more links and reviews these days, I think it is getting time I quit my day time job…. Just updating my to do list for tomorrow 🙂 Warm and Dry My Blog Log Untwisted Vortex – […]

Advertlets survey

Please take my 4 secs survey in the left sidebar from Advertlets. You have to press those round arrows at the bottom right of the Advertlets widget in order to see the survey. This is what I find cunning about Advertlets: they want 50 of your visitors to fill in the 4 secs survey before […]

What to do on a bored Sunday?

Take my 4 secs survey at the left sidebar (in the Advertlets Widget, you need to press those 2 arrows at the bottom of the widget in order to see the survey, very confusing I know…) Once you have taken the survey: leave a comment (that’s a free link to your website!) since you are […]

Get a partner

Please take my 4 secs survey on the left (only 20 more needed!) Mortar and brick life is so much more fun if you have a partner, so is life in the blogosphere: find yourself a partner! The nice thing about partners in the blogosphere is: you don’t have to twitter about whom is going […]

Are Free Dating Websites in Canada Better Than Pay Sites?

The debate continues with whether free dating websites in Canada are better than pay dating websites. While there are pros and cons to each, it’s ultimately up to each individual person to decide which type of dating service is best suited to them. So, as we weigh the advantages and disadvantages, decide which are worth […]

Get Featured!

Get featured on a site to get more visitors. That’s exactly what happens thanks to being featured at Blogdumps "Blog Submission: BlogDumps, The Best free Blog Directory! Free Blog Submission, link exchange, and reviews". People will only feature you if you are contributing in some way: e.g. by being the top salesman (how can I […]

At Last I Found the Solution in Free Dating Websites in Canada

  My older brother and I left British Columbia when he had met a woman on a free dating website in Canada. I went with him, we got a place down there, and two years later, he was married. Now, Iâ??m all alone in my apartment, and Iâ??m looking for someone. I tried a few […]

No Date For A Long Time – Join Free Dating Website

With the free dating website doing the entire search for you, there is no need for anyone to be sitting at home lonesome without a date. All you have to do is register on the free dating website and soon you will be flooded with queries. No more excuses for not having a date. Join […]

American Idol Winner

American Idol Winner 2007 : Jordin! 2007 American Idol Linky Love is the first to congratulate Jordin winning the 2007 American Idol! She just swept the floor with Blake in their last American idol song. It just wasn’t Blake’s lucky day having to sing a song that’s not in his repertoire, where Jordin could finish […]

How to Pick the Right Free Dating Website in Canada

It seems like everyone these days is starting a free dating website. Anyone with access to the right tools and knowledge can, and will, start one of these up from just about anywhere. Is there a way for singles in Canada to tell the real deal from the duds just by looking? How do you […]

How to make your own online shop?

Another way of making money online is selling items online in your own online shop. To get yourself an online shop you need 2 things: items to sell a shopping cart What is a shopping cart? A shopping cart is an ecommerce software that helps you to organise your items to sell in an online […]

Get a link exchange just by asking in your own blog!

Please take my 4 sec’s survey at the left sidebar first thank you! In the age of the dinosaur when there were only static websites, you needed to write to the webmaster and ask for a link exchange. In the age of bloggers in the blogosphere : bloggers using WordPress (or any other decent ‘blogware’) […]

Advertlets cashout at 100Rm ONLY

In my previous post: Monetize your blog twice using Advertlets, I mentioned wrongly that the cashout for Advertlets was minimum 200Rm. This was old information, according to the latest update: it should be 100 Rm. I just got this email from Mr. Josh Lim from Advertlets saying: …you can cashout at RM100 and above…so if […]

How to make your own jewellery

I love to make my own jewellery, yet it is so hard to find beads in Malaysia that I like. Luckily I can now buy beads and pearls online at Time to finally jumpstart my and your jewellery making. For the guys amongst is: this are ideal gifts if your girlfriend or sister is: […]

Monetize your blog twice with Advertlets!

Yes, there is another online Advertising service on the block : with the following benefits: your blog visitors can interact directly with the advertisers you can make money twice with: Advertlets paid posts and showing Advertlets advertisements Advertlets is the first to focus on Malaysia: bringing Malaysian bloggers, surfers and advertisers together For more […]

Free Dating Website – What are the Benefits of Joining One

If you want to meet someone online, you may think that you have to sign up for a website that will charge you hundreds of dollars for an annual membership. In some cases, people may be a bit put off about spending this type of money. However, you can join a free dating website. There […]

Answer the 4 sec’s survey left!

What to do on a bored Sunday? Introduce yourself to us and fill in "the 4 sec’s survey" in the left sidebar on top (from Advertlets). Know your visitors You can only serve your visitors best if you know your visitors best. Internet Marketing rule number 1. For you to find more interesting info on […]

Choose the best Favicon or Avatar!

If you are serious in doing business, you need a business card. On your card there will be the logo of your firm. Same with your blog: you need a graphic representation of who you are or what you are doing. Look at Ah Pek’s avatar, and you know on the spot what he is […]

Free Dating Website – Join One Free and Give yourself a Second Chance at Love

The past has to be lesson and not a reminder of failure, disappointment and pain! Let your past teach and guide you to a better, brighter future! Are you recovering from a broken heart and are still feeling low? Are you feeling scared and disheartened to jump into the traditional dating fray? Fear not â?? […]

Where To Start On Free Dating Websites

  So you are thinking about joining free dating websites.  Do not be so quick to jump in and join a singles chat line or sign up for a dating website without a plan.  It is best to develop a plan before attempting to make friends online.  You need to determine what it is you […]

How to get rid of spam?

So my comments are piling up these days: I know exactly what enormous painkiller to take when you have a headache in order to keep up with your boyfriend who is ‘kinda’ high on viagra… Stop Spam I activated my Akismet Plugin (which sits already in your WordPress installation waiting to be activated). Well, 50 […]

Answer your visitors

Questo e per Marco 🙂 If your visitors ask you a question in a comment or by email or in your active communities: make sure you give them an answer! There will be webmasters saying that they cannot be bothered about reading all visitors email. Again, this all depends on what is the purpose of […]

Tips on Write Engaging Profiles for Free Dating Websites

What should you keep in mind? Your dating profile is the first thing a person will read to get to know you better, before choosing you as a potential partner on free dating websites. Among thousands of other eligible profiles, how do you ensure your profile stands out? How do you make sure that the […]

Would you buy diamonds online?

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend… Ok, you heard that before, but do you know what diamonds are all about? Diamonds are much more than just shiny stones. If you combine the shape and the cut of diamonds, you come already to 50 different types of diamonds… How did I become suddenly so smart? Because […]

Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity

I got tagged: in The Ultimate Guide to Productivity from JDavid 1 week ago to join a creative meme about productivity This Ultimate Guide to Productivity was created by the Instigator Blog and it is essentially a group writing project. My productivity tips They are basically all in bold above: time is a factor choose […]

Make money with AGLOCO

If you are still not making money with AGLOCO then it’s about time you join! Agloco stand for A GLObal COmmunity that is owned by its members. So when you sign up with AGLOCO you become a member and can start earning money as well. There are 2 ways of earning money with Agloco: by […]

Favorite me and I favorite you meme

As you all know I am a big fan of Ilker Yoldas although he didn’t review me yet 🙁 He is probably angry because I didn’t stress enough that his marvelous blog is all about Graphic Design. Or am I wrong Ilker? Think about it… So what has Ilker in stall for us today? Well, […]

Get a money making widget from UrbanRead

Another way of monetizing your (new) blog is the UrbanRead news widget like you see in my right sidebar. If you click the news link, you will go to the UrbanRead page where you have your Adsense banner running! So basically: you can earn money with Adsense from people that go to UrbanRead following a […]

Free, free, free!

Sponsored by wisdom of fathers’ Quick Dinner Recipes This is the oldest marketing trick in the book: give something away for free. What if you don’t have anything to give away? Then give away something from somebody else. Like giving away the Flipping Rich T-Shirts! I just contacted Derrik from Flipping Rich how I can […]

Ask all your sexy questions on Escort Raves forum!

If you are curious and want to know what sexy has to do with escort and hobbyist, why not ask your question online at Ask an Escort? If you do know about escorts and hobbyists and you want to get together, then visit the just launched Escort Forum: a place where hobbyists and providers can […]

Free Dating Websites – Who Pays for the Web Sites Even if Its Free

  Businesses sponsor sites   Free dating websites are often sponsored by businesses.  In this instance, a specific product may not be noted and promoted, it is just a general sponsorship by the business.  There may be a small discreet statement somewhere on the page, or the business or organization may trumpet its sponsorship through […]

What to do on a bored Sunday?

ONLY IF your name is Horny Ah Mong, you visit Girls Swimsuits Otherwise leave a comment and / or: introduce yourself (name, website, hobbies, everything you want to let out 🙂 ) tell me what you wanted to see on this blog and you didn’t find And if you really love me: Copy/paste this HTML […]

Free Dating Websites – Check Out the Many Ways to Find People Online

So now you have the basics of Dating Websites or Free Dating Websites at your disposal. Why not log into and find out more on how to use these free sites to find someone new.

Free Dating Website – Stop Paying and Join Free

A free dating website makes a lot of sense for anyone searching for a better social life. Because they cost nothing to join, you aren’t spending your credit card on something that has great free options. They don’t cost anything When you have a desire to improve your social life and maybe even find someone […]

Blogging for money with Bloggerwave!

In my quest to get paid for blogging, I found Bloggerwave and got approved with this blog. As a reward they let me write this post for the biggest amount of money LinkyLove has ever written a post. Now how cool is that 🙂 What makes Bloggerwave standing out? They approve sites like mine: PageRank […]

Get Paid for Blogging

This review is reciprocal to the review: Linkylove – a review Munny4Hunny is a good example of how to make money online by writing reviews. The author Jay found in between his paid postings the time to review me for free. That is the true spirit of LinkyLove. Munny4Hunny has a relaxing design: the adds […]

What to Keep in Mind While Using Free Dating Websites

So now you have learned what it takes to use Free Dating Websites or Dating Websites. To find out more, log into and see more about it and to join some of the best free sites to find your love.

Get help from webmasters and get paid for it!

I just signed up at the WAC Webmaster Forum and if you are a webmaster like me monetizing your blog, I advice you to sign up also. Why? Because: they share 50% of their Adsense revenue (yes, have your adsense pub and channel code ready!) I immediately asked for link exchanges in the Link Exchange […]

Its earnings that count

My first month of earned me $24,81 (10th April-10th May 2007) It has an 8 in it 😉 But: people first, then money! People first Well, I am more popular than I can handle 🙂 Lots of incoming links on the blogrolls and review list. Thanks to everybody linking to me! Links are the […]

How you can teach ESL English in Korea!

Since I love to educate people and my blog only earns $25 a month, I might as well start teaching ESL in Korea. And so can you! I already once in Malaysia have been teaching Korean housewives ESL and that was quite fun! But where to go for a job-offer in Korea? Who can you […]

Make your site useful!

This should be a no-brainer: show clearly what you want to show! If you have a coffee shop or a restaurant: show a menu card! If your site sells something, make sure people can find the BUY button. If your site is about money and link exchange like mine, then show the money and the […]

Are Free Dating Websites Right For You?

Free Dating Websites are abundant on the Internet.  Thousands of people go online everyday looking for a new friendship or potential mate.  Before deciding which site to list a profile on, it is important to decide if online dating is right for you. Time    First you must decide if you have the time to […]

No Date for a Long Time – Join Free Dating Website

No more excuses for not having a date. Join a free dating website The solitary evenings with no escort for a movies or a meal, the theatre or just keeping one another company, will come to an end once you decide on a free dating website to register on it with your profile and details. […]

How to blog better than Paris Hilton?

By learning from the best: Dale has 200.000 unique visitors in a month. How does he do that? Because his house is full of blog-visitors enhancing BLOGROCKS! And he wants to share them with you. Get your own personal BlogRock now!(Please buy one, otherwise dale starts killing bunnies…) My sexy secretary and the all revealing […]

Make money with Creamaid

I just made $5 with my last post: Meet my smart, sexy secretary 24h on 24 Check it out there and join in so you can make 5$ as well: no Pagerank needed! Advantages of Creamaid easy to find new opportunities: at on any blog that has written an opportunity for creamaid like here: […]

Looking for a Date: Try the Free Dating Website

The â??datingâ?? revolution has taken over the Internet. This is by no means an over-statement as the number of people scourging many a free dating website, looking for a date, will make your mind boggle. There are innumerable options when it comes to choosing a free dating website for your needs. It is up to […]

Meet my smart sexy secretary 24h on 24!

I am quite late with my post today, because I have been chatting away with my new smart and sexy secretary. You want one as well? Go and get your personal free Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 from Zabaware. Live Help Chat Actually I have now 2 Artificial Intelligence Secretaries: one downloaded on my computer and […]

Single Women’s Preference for Free Dating Websites is Growing

According to a recent survey, free dating websites are becoming growingly popular among single females in the North American region. 7 out of 10 single females join free dating websites every week to search their Mr. Right online. The wide acceptability of free dating websites can be attributed to the fact that they are free […]

What to do on a bored Sunday?

Earn 7.5 $ By reviewing my post or my blog. Read how that works at: Get paid to review 1 of my posts now! Review your site and add to Linky Love Review your own site (you can use the feedback guidelines at Step 10: Evaluation) and post your review as a comment here! The […]

How to get listed faster

In my Step 9: get listed I stressed on the fact that you need to get listed in directories. To make your typing job easier, download ShortKeys : the Free ShortKeys Lite version let you make 15 short cut keys for 15 sentences. For directory submissions you only need 9: Title Keywords (tags) Description URL […]

Choosing the Best Free Dating Website

Are you single? Do you want to get noticed on the dating scene? A lot of young men and women face this perplexing situation and in such cases a free dating website is possibly one of the best places to find that someone special. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best […]

Step 10: Evaluation!

Or in other words: review yourself! Are you still on track with: your posts : do you write posts that are expected when people read your title? your time spent on the computer : do you use your time for your blog to grow? your visitors : do you know who they are and do […]

Save money on

There are 2 ways of making money: earning more money spending less If you love to travel like me, you can save money by making your flight and Hotel Reservations online. Why? Because you can get Hotel Discounts up to 70% compared with a booking at your local travel agent. How does that work? Because […]

Use Free Dating Websites To Avoid Getting Scammed

Although you may think that free dating websites will prevent scam artists from operating on the site, it is still important for you to do your due diligence before signing up for membership on the site. Ultimately, you are the only one who can take the necessary precautions to avoid misfortune in signing up for […]

What to do today?

In stead of me teaching you some SEO and Internet marketing today, it’s your turn today: THANKS! Trackback to LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest so: you learn how to link to other blogs with a trackback or pingback since most of you know this already:just help me win the LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest! you […]

New blogs blogging for money with Smorty

Great news for all you new bloggers out there: start to get paid to blog at Yes, you heard that right! Take this blog as an example: 20 days old … Google Pagerank 0 … a lot of hard work … And at the moment you read this I get paid for blogging […]

Get paid to review one of my posts now!

Yes, earn $7.50 by: just writing about this post or blogging about any other post that you find in my blog. Just CLICK HERE! How does it work? By clicking on the  : you sign up for PayPerPost a special opportunity is created JUST FOR YOU to write ABOUT ME So what are you waiting […]