11 top tips for dating a transgendered mtf hetero woman

**Sorry about my poor reading skills.. it was too early in the morning to be reading to the public** check out my site: www.tevolve.com | ASK Lea your transgender-related question! http This is a video log describing in such perfection how men should approach a trans woman they are interested in dating. A must watch for all men interested in, or involved with a transgender mtf heterosexual woman.


  1. you are really hot.

  2. Ladypurpulhair says

    @Mindcontrol106 .. what you meen “has a human personality” ? O_o

  3. Ladypurpulhair says

    I agree on everything but.. I love bisexual men! 😀
    so apart from that big thums up!

  4. JohnfromPerth says

    Your very beautiful and you look and sound just like a natural woman, you go girl.

  5. josh1143 says

    OMG soooo true on so many levels. I think I might have had at least 10 out of the 11 happen on a regular basis 🙁 xxx

  6. Mindcontrol106 says

    I’d have second thoughts about dating a transgender woman, but as long as she’s hot and has a vagina and has a human personality, score for me.

  7. sarcasticwhiteboard says

    Thank you for making videos! I think this one is especially good to dispel many myths and misconceptions people have about MTFs.

  8. tonytone74 says

    Thank you for the wonderful tips and, by the way, you look so cute when you get tongue tied. You always look absolutely lovely in all your vids

  9. joelovesbaseball says

    This is a very good, very entertaining, very informative video. Very well done.


    well said lady

  11. kikikinko says

    @Ayatron34 You know it’s funny, women feel the same way about gay guys XD

  12. solarcollector123 says

    you spoke a lot about character. You have good character yourself, a warm smile and a kind voice. Now make a video showing off your pretty eyes. You dont have to, i just want to compliment you as the kind girl you are.

  13. urmwhynot says

    @InfiniteCheese bravo!!

  14. breen38 says

    There are 4 beautyfull Australian woman: Nicole Kidman, Kylie, Elle McPherson and off corse YOU.

  15. fightclubflix says

    wow you are adorable love your ascent and great job on your hair
    also your skin looks fab-u-lous !!!!!

  16. justinruleseverythin says

    i want to date a transexual 🙁 i would really like that.. not for sex but i wanna be with one.

  17. Doncore1 says

    your hot , i wish i can be like you

  18. Ayatron34 says

    For a man, lesbians make better friends than straight women anyway. They are more laid back, aren’t so sensitive to criticism, know how to have a laugh more, and aren’t afraid to try your interests. Aka , be a “buddy”.

  19. InfiniteCheese says

    The buddy thing is basically male friendship, that’s why. Just because she’s not your buddy doesn’t mean she can’t be a friend though. If you’ve had a friendship with a girl it’s exactly the same.

  20. InfiniteCheese says

    Have you ever actually dated a transwoman? Not fucked, not hired a shemale I mean actually dating. It’s not like she can even use the thing properly after a month or two of hormones. The groin is like an area of nonexistence when dating a transwoman. It’s best not to talk about it, touch it or even think about it. Besides. If you want cock find a man. Theirs will be bigger, able to function and the man will actually enjoy using it.

  21. InfiniteCheese says

    I’ve been having an amazing time going out with her. I had a serious talk with the friend making obscene jokes and she stopped that now. She’s lucky I was able to be calm and not scream incoherently I think she’s actually just jealous. I’ve figured out the easiest way to be true to her without outing her is to introduce her with her female name, say we’re going out and let them decide. My world has been awesome since we were together. Going clothes shopping with her was quite the experience.

  22. OMG, I love your hair.

  23. binneu83 says

    One point is wrong !!
    Some ts dont wanna make srs … and some like to fuck boys also 😉
    So not all TS are same !!

  24. Ayatron34 says

    Why won’t you be my buddy? 🙁

  25. michelleshotifiable says

    This is exactly what I feel.

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