1001 things to do

So you want to make money now right? So do I 🙂

That’s like saying:

  • I want to live in a house now, but
  • I still need to buy the land, and
  • I need to buy the bricks, and
  • I need to find a contractor who hopefully is not going to give me more headaches than I already have…

To much to handle it seems?

Make a plan!

If you want to make money online, you have to make a plan for yourself. You stick to the plan unless:

  • a fast car drives your direction: then you forget about your plan and jump aside
  • a gold coin is thrown in front of your feet: then you forget about your plan and grab the gold coin, you cannot make money any easier than that…

Like I said yesterday in online money from scratch : today I change the look of this site.

The overall plan is:

Grab the gold coin

In my sieve of today are 3 gold coins: 3 comments on my previous post :

  • 3 possible people whom I can learn from (I learn from each creature that passes by in my life)
  • 3 possible reciprocal links
  • 1 clear statement: get yourself in Technorati and I will review your site

So the extra gold coin tasks of today are:

  • getting listed in Technorati: a very hot community of bloggers
  • go and visit the people that visited me

Not forgetting the overall plan:

  • if I meet somebody, then ask for a link (try to use my charms as I only have 2 posts)
  • to get a start of income on my and your site : 


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