10 minutes to make a blog in a niche of your passion

alvin phang keyword research toolDo you want to know how to make a blog for making money?

And do you want to blog about your passion?

Then use Alvin Phang’s Keyword Research Tool which comes as an added bonus when you buy Alvin’s Atomic Blogging.

Is there room for improvement?

If you are happy with what you are doing,
by all means don’t change anything!

If you are like me: only having monthly earnings of $300: there is room for improvement.

That’s why I started one week ago my How to make 3 times more money on the Internet quest.

Ideas for making money

Ideas are everywhere in the search engine, yet I am a hands on person. Are you?

What I need is a clear and detailed blue print step by step method that works.

I went to the library, bought some books and well, earnings of $300 a month do cover the money spent for those books, but I am still in need for a clear and detailed blue print step by step method that works.

So I started browsing around in the affiliate books online that want to sell you ideas for making money online.

Try before you buy

try before you buy

Try before you buy!

The best way to know which e-book works for you is trying before buying.

Do they give you free emails and a free e-book? Then grab them on the spot!

Do you actually learn something from these freebies, even better:
Do they tell you what you can do to become a better blogger?

If you answer YES to the last 2 question, you found a winner!

There is only 1 method that works for you, and …
that’s the method that works for you.

The only way to find out is try before you buy.

What did I try already?

Last week I found Alvin Phang’s Atomic Blogging. His free e-book and free email course told me:

One basic rule in SEO you surely know is:

The more people are looking for something
the less search engine results available
the easier you will rank high

Stingy as I am I have been typing keywords in the search engine one by one in order to find out the competition: this normally takes me at least half a day before I find something useful (and because so much hours are spend, at least I do make the best choice that I find…).

Alvin’s program now does this day-task in a few minutes

make a blog

How to make a blog in 10 minutes of patience…

  • column ‘A’ gives you the searches done for that keyword (per day)
  • column ‘B’ gives you the Search result pages in Google’s search engine

The so called ideal niche goldmines are these keyword phrases where there are more searches than competition.

In the example above the closest to this ideal would be:

  • Michigan SEO business driven technology
  • SEO technology environment
  • Michigan SEO solutions

Why is Linky Love giving away these niche site ideas?

 Why don’t I quickly make a website about "Michigan SEO solutions" and monetize it? Because:

  1. I know nuts about Michigan
  2. I have no passion about Michigan
  3. I already spent another 10 minutes to find niches in my field of passion: roman languages, so I will leave the niche ideas above for you to grab 🙂

If you want to know in 10 minutes which niche site suits your passion, all you have to do is buy a copy of Atomic Blogging now. (That also takes less than 10 minutes 🙂

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