How to seduce a woman

16 tips on how to seduce a woman, enjoy a successful evening and start the story of your dreams.

Tonight, you have an appointment with her and you intend to make this evening a success which may mark the beginning of the story of your dreams. But one question you need to tackle: How to seduce her?

You remember a couple of tricks you learned in your adolescence days: start by touching her hand guiding her through a door or on or off stairs, a kiss on the cheek that may slip slightly… or writing her a song? You know: at these times of the Internet and sms, your adolescent seduction tactics need some updated oumphs.

So … need a little help to give your destiny and lovelife a big slap in the good direction? Here are some useful rules to seduce a woman …

16 tips how to approach and impress a girl

  1. The physical aspect keeps to be important. Okay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder: some will like you, some wont. But the main thing here is to love yourself first and foremost when deciding to go to an appointment, and to show that in your looks (which does not mean "dressing up", it means feeling good and showing that in your looks).
  2. Try not to smoke, do not drink too much, don’t always bring the conversation back to your little person.
  3. Be interested in your woman! Ask open and neutral questions like, "what type of holidays do you like? " " What do you do in your free time? ".
  4. If you do not understand something or to prove that you are really listening, rephrase her words and say, "if I understand correctly, you think that …" (it will also avoid misinterpretations on your part).
  5. Keep sentences short and simple. It is useless to try to impress through vocabulary. It will give her one wish: to escape as fast as she can from a boring evening.
  6. Work on your voice, vary your tone and speech to make room for both humorous and serious moments.
  7. Always stay positive, anything you say or do for her has to be positive.
  8. Praise soberly but with an elaborated personal twist like "I love what you wear TODAY" or "I love what you wear, it matches the color of your hair and I think it flatters your face" or "I love your voice, its sweetness "or" I love your hands, let me see your love and lifeline "( the latter being an approach to establish a first contact).
  9. Do not interrupt a woman when she is speaking and if you really need to, then do it in a positive way like: "Can I interrupt you because you just said something so important that I would like to add my opinion. "
  10. Do not be too familiar. But if you really want to kiss or see her again, ask her the question directly. At least both of you will know what to expect. If you are intuitive, no need to make any request. Dare to take control of the situation and try physical closeness (take her hand or drop a gentle kiss on his lips).
  11. Never rush, don’t send 20 sms/textmessages per day and always wait 30 minutes before answering an sms (it allows you to be desired). Do always answer an sms and do not wait 2-3 hours before responding, because this would be interpreted as disinterest.
  12. Do not talk about the bad in of your life but elaborate positive things and experiences you had during your life.
  13. Even if love has no age, keep in mind that too much age difference could expose you to many problems. Just as age, meeting people from a different social environment too different from yours could also be a major problem (some women will tend to identify with Pretty Woman but you are not Richard Gere… which could be a good thing, as he is growing a really big tummy…).
  14. Do not talk too loud, do not laugh too much, do not gesticulate too much but learn to put your enthusiasm into your words. Example: "I am delighted to be able to meet you in real life", "what a beautiful day, thanks to you," "you are everything as I imagined you… (mark a break ): you’re stunning. "
  15. Do not play Calimero (unless of course you like to complain and round up all women to be "social cases"). Do not make jokes talking about sex. Avoid political discussions. Do not start any controversy about the institution of marriage or rearing children (e.g. questions not to ask: "Are you an easy going parent or do you prefer a more rigid education for many children?"). Don’t talk about death (e.g. "do you think that there is life after death?", "Euthanasia: Are you for or against?"), do not talk politics nor financial (mis)management of our country. Refrain from major love declarations (at least during the first 5 appointments) as for example, "I’m in love with you" (a very unbelievable statement after a first contact of 2 hours) or "if you let me fall, I do not know what I would be able "(kind of words that will make her run away fast).
  16. Keep smiling, show empathy and be a joy of life.

Charm is something that comes from the inside. Seduction on the contrary is something you learn, you grow into, you cultivate, like growing a garden… It’s just you who needs to start sowing…